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Salon Software Reviews & Testimonials

Salon Software Reviews & Testimonials

Clinica Fiore London

“ Salon Tracker is a really beneficial asset in my clinic and is very easy to use. The reporting feature has helped improve our performance by 80% making the software well worth the initial investment. The software has also helped with security in the salon and the free customer support I have received since purchasing the software has been 10/10. The team are friendly and helpful and I am a happy and satisfied customer. “


The Beauty Spot Gloucester

“ In the busy schedules we have its easy to become complacent and not give positive feedback where needed. At first it was quite daunting, but I can honestly say Salon Tracker is the best thing I have invested in. The system is fantastic and does so much more than I expected. Well pleased and would definitely recommend. Thank you, you’ve made things so much easier! “

Mark Noyes

Studio 29 Southampton

“ Salon Tracker is invaluable to our salon and the customer service is a great support. When we needed the new sunbeds configuring, Salon Tracker were on hand to do the job for us immediately with no fuss or hassle. This A* support is needed when running a busy salon. “


Supreme Tan Wigan

“ The main benefits for us have been the vast number of reports the system produces, the POS feature, the seamless integration with our TMAX Timers and the stock control. Furthermore, the system is user friendly. Salon Tracker has drastically improved the management of our salon; everything is managed by one system cutting out paperwork and client cards. “

Gavin Holder

Envi-Ous Stevenage

“ We use (Salon Tracker) for sunbeds & beauty. It does our staff commission every month, sales reports, online booking, we even know who’s phoning us and when their next appointment is, it pops up in the screen before we have answered. Just a great system! “

Richard Hindle

Suntana Wednesbury

“ Wicked system with the most helpful staff you could ask for, who are always there when you need them!
Money well spent! “

Christine Davies

Dreams Wellbeing Salon Bradford

“ Salon Tracker has made day to day salon tasks a lot simpler and we are a lot more productive because of it. It is simple and effective and customers love the fact that everything is stored on the system. With the integrated T-Max system it also means no more tokens! We regularly use the SMS marketing to inform customers of our offers resulting in revisits. Salon Tracker has also been a big help with the management of our employees, we can leave staff alone with the confidence that everything, including their arrival and leave, is logged and tracked through the system. We can dial in and see exactly what sales have been made. “

Louise Tillotson

The Sun Centre Middlesbrough

“ An excellent system which has, without a doubt helped to increase footfall. Helpful staff who are always happy to help! “

Kevin Conway

Dreams Wellbeing Salon North Yorkshire

“ Salon Tracker has helped me overcome the main day to day concerns of running a salon such as customers exceeding their recommended tanning minutes, customers sharing their tanning courses and the management of the salon whilst I’m away. The system logs everything: who has accessed the till, how many clients we’ve served, how much money we’ve taken and what stock needs replacing. If I’m away for the day I can look at the system and know in minutes what needs to be done. The secure-shell system [which prevents staff from accessing the computer for non-work purposes] has also helped as it means I know staff cannot browse the Internet when they’re working. We use the finger print reader to identify clients, which has eliminated the opportunity for clients to share tanning courses or exceed their recommended number of minutes which has helped improve profit margins. Having the peace of mind whilst I’m away from the salon is priceless. The reduction in paperwork has taken the pressure off me, meaning I can spend more time getting more important things done “

Darren Lloyd

Capital Beauty Portstewart

“ Brilliant system with helpful staff just a phone call away! “

Beverley Floyd

Ultra Tan Hull

“ We put a text message together on a Friday morning to people with under 30 mins left. We had 48 people in that afternoon and evening alone in response. That's a 33% response in under 8 hours. In real terms that was an extra £1000 sales for a cost of under £20. It's great because the cost is low and its easy. We are now experimenting with other offers and getting good responses. “

Luke James

The Tanning Lounge Newcastle

“ We installed Salon Tracker and had the system up and running within 30 minutes. The software is easy to use and is feature packed. The support has been friendly and very useful. The application has recently been updated with many new features and reports. Well done, keep up the good work. ”

Darren Watson

The Secret Day Spa Belfast

“ We have found Salon Tracker to be an invaluable part of the day-to-day running of our salon. It is so easy to use and our salon is now practically paper free! It is far from being just a booking system as it let's you keep track of stock control, marketing and HR details. Our no-shows have decreased by at least 70% and our revenue has increased using the effective marketing features. Having moved premises Salon Tracker has been brilliant, we initially did an advertising campaign to let our clients know our new address, however, it wasn’t until we used SMS messaging that we saw a significant increase in client foot fall. In the first week after sending SMS messages at least 60% of those targeted visited our new salon. The marketing function of the software is great. Our aim is to target females 25 + to inform them of new services, such as botox and derma filler injections. As we have captured clients DOB we are able to select the appropriate demographic with no wastage. ”

Lynsey Bennett

Hands On Worcester

“ Salon Tracker has transformed the management of our salon. It’s great to see your days/weeks appointments on screen; you can see where you have gaps and where potential crossovers may occur. It makes you work more efficiently. The weekly/monthly reports have been great for pushing to beat previous week’s sales figures. It’s so easy to use and you know exactly how you stand. My accountant is going to love this report system for next year’s accounting, it’s so much easier. It’s great for monitoring stock levels too. The SMS is brilliant for confirmation of appointments; men tend to be a bit forgetful and really appreciate a text to remind them. It encourages clients to phone and re-book if they can’t make the time as there is now no excuse! Clients love the texts and comment that they are very professional. The ease with which you can send a selected group of clients a personalised letter/SMS is great. It’s a shame I didn’t have this system 6 months ago when I moved premises and did all my letters individually, it took forever! ”

Jackie Brown

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