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22 Jan 2020

Valentine's Day Marketing!

Although Valentine’s day isn’t the happiest day for everyone, for many people it’s a day to spoil their loved one (or themselves). This is where your Salon needs to step in and make the most of this day, and there are plenty of ways in which you can do so. There a three simple steps involved in in making a success of this day; planning, marketing and selling. So, keep reading to see how you can upsell your treatments and retail products this Valentine's Day.

Before you can go out and start advertising your deals and offers it’s important to determine which of your services and retail products are going to be most popular for V-day sales. To make your salon more appealing for those looking at treating a loved one, it’s a good idea to bundle a few treatments together and create a special ‘Valentine’s Day Package’. You could do a few different priced packages to appeal to a broader range of people, starting with a couple of services for a lower price and going up to a more premium price and including your more expensive services. The same can be done with your retail products by putting together a few different priced hampers. The key is to figure out which of your treatments will perform best, whether its massages, nails, facials etc.

Another great way to utilise Valentine’s Day is by selling gift vouchers, you could even get specific ones printed for valentines day and give them a bit more of a personalised feel. Gift cards also often result in people spending more as they know they’re going to be getting say £20-£30 off, so it’s a win-win as a salon owner.

Once you’ve done all of your planning, it’s time to market it to your customers and target customers. As we all know by now the main place you want to be showing off these deals is across your Social Media platforms, as this will not only help reach your current customers, but it will also help to reach potential customers. Especially with Facebook having an option for customers to share your posts, it will further help to reach a wider range of people. I’d suggest creating an eye-catching post to make sure it stands out amongst others when someone is scrolling through their feed. There’s a great free programme called Adobe Spark which make its super simple to create images from scratch or by using templates that are pre-saved on there. You can then use the same image across all of your social media platforms, and this will help to show consistency. Here’s an example of one that I quickly made by using a template, to show you how easy it is:

You also want to make sure that you make it obvious in your physical salon that there are going to be deals available, for example on your reception desk it would be a good idea to place the hampers in view, along with any gift vouchers.

If you are already a customer of Salon Tracker, then I’m sure you already know about our Marketing suite. If not, this is a great feature built in with Salon Tracker that enables you to send out an SMS message to all of your customers straight from one place. There are plenty of different filters that you can apply in order to target a specific range of customers. I have come up with a few examples of messages you could send out:

Example 1
“Hi <<forename>>
Don’t miss out on our V-Day deals! £45 for acrylic nails & a facial, £60 for a back massage, mani, pedi & facial! Call 0113 350 8230 to book”

Example 2
“Hi <<forename>>
Treat your loved one (or yourself) this Valentine’s Day at <<salonname>> for as little as £20! Call 0113 350 8230 to book before it’s too late” 

Example 3
“Give your partner the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat at <<salonname>> with our V-Day Special! Full Body Massage, Facial & Mani for just £45. Call 0113 350 8230 to book!”

SMS messages have a great open rate of around 98%, so it’s a great way to directly market your customers. By using both the SMS marketing suite and the use of social media, you are massively increasing your chances of having a successful number of sales.

After all of your planning and preparation I’m sure it will all pay off when it comes to the day. As Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this week, it makes it an even better opportunity to make the most of it, as you can extend the offers and deals to run until the end of Sunday and ensure that your calendar is fully booked!

I hope these tips will help you have a successful Valentine’s Day weekend in your salon! If you are interested in taking a look at the marketing suite on a free demo and trial then don’t hesitate to contact our team by either emailing info@salontracker.co.ukor calling on 0113 350 8230 and someone will be happy to help. 

In just over 2-months’ time we will be exhibiting at the Professional Beauty Show in London, you can visit our stand S35, meet the team and have a live demo of the software. We look forward to seeing you there!

Salon Tracker x

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