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24 Jul 2019

Utilising Instagram for your Salon!

When it comes to running a Salon, we know that it can be difficult trying to showcase your work to potential customers and also keep up your social media presence. Here at Salon Tracker we believe that Instagram is a salon owners’ best friend.  This is because you can use it for things such as: showcasing your work and salon, interacting with customers and also bring in new customers.
Showcasing your Work
Instagram is a great way for your salon to display your work. For example, if you have the customers permission, you can post pictures to your Instagram. This will then enable others to see the kind of work you do and will therefore entice them to go and book and appointment with you. Be careful to only post your best work as having a constant flow of posts, multiple a day, could be seen as annoying by some customers which may then deter them from coming in. However, this will rarely be the case and showing off your work on Instagram will help you grow your following as a business.
Some of our fave Instagram feeds from our customers are @glamourforever1 and @fiftyshadestanningsalon

These Salons do great in showcasing some amazing work making all us here at Salon Tracker want to pop in for a treatment!
Communicating with Customers
Instagram is also a great way for you to communicate with your customers on a more personal level.  This could be from you encouraging engagement on your pictures to you replying to their comments.  This will help your customers view your salon as a friendly place and will mean they feel more inclined to keep coming back.  Also, from an outsider’s point of view, if they see a salon page actively talking and communicating with their existing customers, they will be more likely to visit that salon.

Client Sharing
Instagram is also a great platform for your customers to share your work with their friends and followers. By them sharing pictures of treatments they have had in your Salon and you actively encouraging them to mention or tag you in these, this means that more people will be seeing your work and therefore may be encouraged to visit your salon.

Instagram stories are another great feature that you could utilise for your Salon. This is a feature where you can add pictures and videos to your profile and they will be visible for all your followers to view for 24 hours! This is a great feature for you to do things such as advertise limited offers and also repost all your client’s pictures, they may have shared themselves. When it comes to limited offers, these stories are a great way to advertise them as they automatically disappear after 24 hours. 
We hope these tips and tricks help you with your Salons Instagram account and don’t forget to give us a follow @salontrackersoftware to keep up to date with our latest offers and features!

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