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22 May 2019

Utilising Holiday Season and Summer Events to Promote your Salon!

Only 1 month to go till the longest day of the year, and the official start of Summer, this year’s flying by don’t you think! So, as we step in to Summer and everyone starts to plan their vacay’s, we thought we’d offer you our best ideas to put some simple sunny tips to get you in the right direction for a seasonal success!

There are lots of events happening that your salon can capitalise on throughout the coming months. You have the likes of Father’s Day coming up, then there’s School and College Proms, University Graduations and Weddings to cater for, all of which are typically planned for during the Summer. Which, if you’re a regular follower of our blog you’ll notice that we did a little post last week dedicated solely to how you can push your salon through prom & wedding season and how you can put some little pamper packages together. (If you wanna have a little read, link is here >> https://bit.ly/2LMxwek ) Similar however applies to the holiday months, as everyone wants their pre-hol treatments, you are best to start advertising this now.

The great thing about Summer events is, they can be targeted to such a large audience, of all ages both male and female! There’s an event for everyone. However, a big upcoming event for the guys is Father’s Day.

With Father’s Day, this is a good one to not only attract the Dad’s and advertise your salon vouchers or grooming packages, you can also advertise family packages, especially if you’re a spa. However, barbers are going to capitalise on this the most being a solely male industry, however as mentioned, there are ways that multi-sex salons can also get the benefit, see some of our best ideas below:

- Run a Dad-Daughter/Son pampering day, or family spa package. A great time to advertise family package discounts so that people can treat their Dad’s but also make a day out of it themselves too.

- Up-sell your gift vouchers and get some personalised Father’s Day ones made if possible! A good way to make some gift card sales and also secure yourself some future footfall!

- Grooming packs! This is great if you sell a lot of male products at the salon. Make a gift table at the front of the shop or in your salon window to really promote those retail sales.

- Following on from selling product packs, how about offering a gift-wrapping service? This is such a nice little add on service for anyone buying Father’s Day pressies and also saves your clients time having to wrap the gifts themselves. It’s a nice little touch and such a simple, easy way to make a little extra profit!

Now, on to Holiday packages!

We all know that this time of year is one of the busiest for salons aside from Christmas, especially with people wanting their pre-holiday treatments. So, what can you do to ensure that clients choose your salon over competitors?

How about Party Packs? This is a great one to advertise to the younger market who are going on girls and guys trips, as you could advertise this as a friends’ package and maybe add some complimentary drinks or snacks to the treatment. Advertise this through an SMS campaign or even run a little promotion on social media to get some engagement and attract new clients. 

A little example could be:

“Hi <name> going on a girls/guys holiday this year? Fancy a pre-holiday pamper with your friends? We’re offering vacay packs for you and your pals to get summer-ready before you jet off!
 Simply call <salon tel> to secure your slot today!” 

You can then put together some little holiday bundle packages, so for example where you have a ‘lash tint’ then a ‘eyebrow wax’, you could merge these treatments together as a ‘holiday eye pack’ for maybe a slightly lesser price than the 2 individual treatments would be, in order to attract those clients to have more treatments done at your salon. Even if you have to put a slight discount on the package, in the long run this should work out more profitable for you as you’ll be selling more treatments this way.

Do you sell product minis in the salon? Another great sell around holiday season, especially for those going abroad, as you can advertise the ‘less than 100ml’ bottles & sachets, perfect for plane journeys! If you keep a track of your best sellers, maybe this is a good time to see whether our suppliers offer mini versions of your products, to stock up for Summer. If not, how about investing in the mini empty travel bottles and then advertising these next to your normal retail products, to try and sell your faves but prompt clients to buy the mini bottles so that they can still take their preferred products away with them! Something to think about!

If you are a tanning salon, this is the perfect time to upsell your SPF-inclusive bottles and sun creams. Especially if you run some deals and are in line with the supermarket prices, as if you have loyal salon customers, they are more likely to trust your business and hopefully purchase their sun-lotions from you. Safety-first for your clients and also promotes that you are looking out for your customers welfare over Summer.

Then there’s your general Summer pamper pack, that are applicable to all events. What about something inclusive of: highlights, a brow tint, spray tan and nails? Little idea for you, as through research we’ve found that people go to separate salons for their brows, then nails and then their hair treatments - so if you are a multi-service salon that can offer all these together, a great opportunity for you and really profitable.

If you however are solely a hair, or just beauty or a nail bar, why not look in to partnering with your surrounding salons, or mobile technicians who offer different treatments to you, to boost each other’s business throughout Summer? Or could you perhaps rent chairs? Self-employed therapists will pay a flat rate to rent your space but then take their sales just as they would if they were mobile? But the plus side for you here is that you will get more footfall in the salon, which will contribute to hopefully further retail sales for you.

Other things that you could promote are competitions or selfie contests, to increase brand awareness & engagement, and hopefully attract some new clients too. Facebook advertising is a great technique to use during this time, especially with Prom, Wedding and graduation season coming up. Advertise to certain age ranges, genders, and liked pages, to ensure that you are targeting the correct audience. You could run a competition to win a gift voucher for your salon, in the hope that this promotes your services to a new client who may return in the future.

And finally, if you offer online booking, promote your client base to use your booking app by sharing your unique link with them. This could be done either by text, email or a social media post. With our software, we’ve actually introduced QR scan, where you could display a salon-branded mount board at the front of the shop for clients to scan your QR using their smart phone – which will instantly open your salon’s registration page. A simple way to advertise that you offer online booking, which means clients can make bookings with you from anywhere, 24/7!

Hopefully we’ve given you a few ideas to give you something to think about over the coming summer months. If you need a bit of help or inspiration with your salon Summer marketing, our team are always here to help you with a few tips! Just call on 0113 3508230 or email us at info@salontracker.co.uk and we’ll help you out! Looking forward to a busy (and hopefully successful) few months!

Salon Tracker x

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