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04 Dec 2019

Upselling in your Salon at Christmas!

3 weeks to go until the big day! How has business been so far this season? Obviously, for most, Christmas is one of the peak times for your sales and getting new footfall in to the salon. But there are lots of things that you can be doing to further increase your profits during this time of year. Here’s a few ideas that we wanted to share with you, to make sure your salon is sparkle season ready!


We all know that Christmas is a highly competitive season for any sector, especially those offering retail products or services. So, for salons like yourselves, aside from your regular clients that will always come back at Christmas because they value you, other potential customers will be on the lookout for the best price, package or something that catches their eye. Put together some exclusive Christmas deals, these could be as simple as 2 treatments for a particular price, for example *Christmas Lash Special – get party-ready with an eyebrow and lash tint for <£x>*. You could also throw in a little sample of your upcoming stock as a complimentary freebie too, could be in a mini stocking as a little stocking filler to really get in to the Christmas spirit?! (And we’ll be chatting about samples further in our blog too!)

Christmas Gift Table

Our fave! For all those gorgeous Christmas gifts and packages that you may have in the salon, its all about the presentation. Make these products seem more valuable and attractive by organising them on a glitzy present table. Get your best Christmas decs out; were thinking tinsel, holly, glitter and get to work – might even be a nice little fun task for one of your creative staff members to do one afternoon! A good one to boost morale also, as let’s face it, everyone loves trimming up!

Gift Vouchers

A great way to secure business for January, but taking the money upfront! For those clients who are last-minute, they may treat someone to a voucher for your salon if you advertise it well enough. And especially for those who know a friend or family member who is a regular at your shop, they may be likely to purchase a gift for them from you, so vouchers are the way to go to increase your early 2020 footfall. You could even theme these up to make them Christmas edition vouchers, have a word with a local graphic designer and see what they can come up with for you.

Limited Edition Stock Offers 

Speaking of Christmas edition, we know lots of you get seasonal stock in and especially for peak season, you may have limited edition Winter products. So, this is a great time to market these and make them seem more exclusive and selective to your clients. You can put an ‘end date’ on when they will be available to purchase as well to motivate clients to buy them before a certain date!


You may be refreshing your stock for January and Spring 2020, and so if you have your samples in of next year’s products’ already, then Christmas is a great time to start showcasing these to your clients ready for the New Year. If your customers have been able to try them out with their Christmas treatments, this will hopefully prompt them to be more in the mindset of purchasing the full product early next year. A good idea to push your 2020 retail sales.

Social Media Competition

Increase engagement on your social networks and create a competition where you could include a treatment for January as the prize? To secure some extra footfall and further social interaction in the New Year. It could be something as simple as ‘post your Christmas <treatment> photo’ or ‘send us your salon selfie after your treatment’ and you’ll be automatically entered in to our January prize draw. It’s up to you what the prize is, but we all know that everyone loves a competition and it’s a fun (and free way) to market your salon with some cost-effective social media engagement.

Complimentary Treats

Improve the festive cheer in the salon with some complimentary Christmas treats (and maybe even a few prosecco’s) whilst your clients are having their treatments this December! It’s also a great advertising package, if you share on social media that with every December treatment there will be some freebie refreshments, this is likely to 1. Improve the mood of your customers and 2. Prompt others to visit your salon in the future if they can see this type of valuable service. We all know happy clients = happy spending, if your salon atmosphere is on point at Christmas, this can then contribute to your upselling as your customers are more likely to buy an added Christmas treat/retail product if you’ve built up that rapport with them on their appointment beforehand.

So hopefully there’s something above that’s ticked a box that you think you could use to it’s potential this Christmas. And even ideas that you can take forward with you in to the New Year, as some of the points that we mentioned are relevant and can be applied to other seasons. For example, Wedding and Prom season in Summer to mention one.

However, we hope you have a very successful Christmas season, and if you use any of ideas, we’d love to know about it! Especially if you decorate a Gift table we especially love to see those, send them through to us on info@salontracker.co.uk and we’ll be happy to share these also on our social media channels for you!

Salon Tracker x

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