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20 Jan 2021

Tips To Keep Your Clients Engaged Throughout The Lockdown

Hi everyone, hope you’re all keeping well and managing throughout this third lockdown. We completely understand and appreciate how hard this time is for our industry, especially as we have been in and out of lockdowns and different Tier’s throughout the last 9 months. There has been a lot of adapting and alterations to appointments to take care of, but we’re in this together and we’re here to help you every step of the way. And now that we find ourselves with these 6 weeks of lockdown, where the Christmas rush is over, this gives you some time to reflect and prepare for 2021. So, we wanted to use this time positively to help you, our clients, with a few little tips for what you can be doing in the meantime, to keep your customers engaged and ensure they return to you once can reopen your doors once more!


Everyone loves a competition, and not only does this give one lucky a winner a prize, it also adds some positivity to everyone’s day in the hope that they might win too. And also, competitions are the best way to get your brand shared among your followers; their family & friends, and their further followers! And the prize doesn’t have to be something hugely costly, as we know that everyone is having to spend carefully at the moment. It could simply be that they get the privilege of having the first appointment choice with you after lockdown? Or if you can stretch to a little discount, maybe an offer on a treatment or a free retail product if you are able to offer this to the winner. Something to have a little think about!

New Product Showcasing

Currently, a lot of people are finding themselves with lots of time on their hands and so what not better way to engage with your audience whilst you know you have the time to capture their attention. Are you going to be launching some products soon, perhaps a new brand of colour treatments, new gel nail colours or even new moisturiser shots? This would be a great time to utilise the market and showcase these products to your audience. Share the idea of a zoom call to your followers, it only has to be something short (it could literally be 20 mins) but if you offer only a limited number of places to make the event feel more exclusive, you could try and get a few clients on a call to interest them in anything you have upcoming! Also, if any of you offer online sales what a great way to also achieve some of these.


Over the last year, many of us have had to resort to home lockdown beauty regimes, and try out styling our own nails and hair! But we definitely need advice from you, the professionals! So again, similar to the product showcasing, how about doing a little treatment tutorial for your followers to try at home? It could be something as simple as ‘how to do a home French manicure’ or ‘working from home every day make-up tutorial’ (for all of us that have to be zoom ready for virtual meetings!) Whichever you decide, this is another great way to keep your followers engaged and involved with your brand until they are able to start making bookings with you again.

Test/Sample Kits

Do you have any samples of exfoliators, creams, facemasks lying around that could potentially be used as sample kits? If you’re in a position where you are able to afford this, how about doing a giveaway, for the first say 15-20 followers that comment on a post for a free sample? Especially if these are new product samples, what a great way to great way to get clients to try these out first to hopefully promote them to further buy from you later? You could also ask for feedback in return of a free sample; in order to use these testimonials to help sell to further clients in the future!

Free Online Consultations

And finally, even though you can’t offer your clients in person consultations at the moment, how about doing an online one? Zoom is everyone’s new fave platform, where you could invite followers to pick a slot on your zoom calendar and have a free consultation for their next treatment. Whether this be a skin consultation for a facial booking or even a hair consultation if they are thinking of switching up their hair colour, these same consultations that you would usually offer at the salon can be just as informative online; another little something for you to think about and to guarantee yourselves some future bookings!

We hope that some of the information we have offered today is useful to you, and even though your salons are closed at the moment, don’t forget we are still on hand to help you with any marketing or salon advice if you need us anytime!

Keep in touch, and stay safe x

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