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29 Apr 2020

The Essential 5 features your Salon Software should have!

Hi everyone, how are we all? Hope you are all keeping well during this time and are finding some useful things to do to stay productive!

We've recently teamed up with The Salon Magazine, to discuss what we think are the essential 5 features that salon software can bring you, that will really benefit your salon and also your clients too!

So whether you are a user of our software at the moment and perhaps don't utilise all these features, or maybe you're just enquiring 
to try some out? Whichever it is, here we bring 
to you our chosen Top 5!

-SMS Appointment Reminders

Make no shows a thing of the past! Especially once you are able to re-open the salon, if you have placed clients on a reserve waiting list or pre-booked them in for an appointment further in to the future, you don’t want this to slip their minds. So, built-in automatic appointment reminders are an essential tool for your business and also a nice way to provide confirmation of appointments to your clients. The automation 
also saves you from having to contact every 
client beforehand!

-Marketing Suite

A way to keep in touch with clients with offers and promotions! Many software marketing tools have built in filters, in order for salon owners to micro-market and target certain audiences. So, for example, you might want to send a text to your ‘best spending customers’ and reward them with a loyalty? Or if you sell packages upfront, which we know are prevalent in the tanning and beauty industries, you could filter those clients that have ‘services due to expire soon’ and send them a text to remind them!

-Online Booking

Give your clients control over their appointments and keep your booking facilities open 24/7, even if the salon doors are closed. Allow clients to book as far in advance as possible, from the comfort of their own home, or even whilst on the move, using your salon-branded app. Everyone has a smart-phone nowadays, so an online booking app is the perfect tool to get your salon in front of people and allow instant booking. Also, this saves you and your employees time and keeps phone lines open for further business.

-View Salon from Home

For salon owners, being present at your business location all the time can be difficult, especially if you’re the owner of multiple sites. By having an app viewable when on the move or a headquarters system, to be able to access from a main head office or home, saves you so much time! By having these features, this ensures that you always have control over your business, no matter where you are and also provides piece of mind that your salon is still running smoothly in your absence. 

-Reporting/KPI tracking 

Keeping track of sales and KPI’s is key to analysing how your salon is performing and also useful for future planning. Where you currently may track your sales manually, or work out staff commission using a calculator, built-in business reports can do all of this for you and can be run at the click of a button! From keeping track of stock, to monitoring staff sales; every figure you should need to view is all accessible under one system. Minimising use of paper, and also human error! 

Keep an eye out for this in June issue of Salon Magazine, where we'll also be discussing how you can use this time to prepare for when you are able to re-open!

Stay safe!

Salon Tracker x

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