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02 Oct 2019

The Benefits of Payment Integration!

Here at Salon Tracker, we realise how important it is for the modern salon to provide the option to pay by card. Therefore, we decided to implement a feature where our customers can link certain card machines directly to Salon Tracker. This way, when you go to confirm a payment on Salon Tracker, once you’ve selected to pay on card our software will directly send the price straight through to your payment machine, which saves a lot of hassle for your staff members. Especially during busy periods.

Reduces Staff Error
One of the key benefits of having a payment integration with Salon Tracker is that is massively reduces, well more or less stops staff error. This means that as staff will longer have to manually type the amount into the card reader, there is no chance of them accidentally entering the wrong amount. As such your receipts will always match your figures on Salon Tracker = less stress.

Reduces Waiting Times
Another reason to integrate your payment to your software is that it will massively reduce waiting times in your salon. This is because rather than having to manually input the charge that is displayed on the software, the correct amount will be sent straight through to the card reader, drastically cutting down waiting times for your customers.

Another reason to integrate your card reader with Salon Tracker is for security reasons.  As the correct amount will be sent through to the card reader automatically, there is no chance of any staff members accidentally, or purposefully, changing the cost. This means all your reports on Salon Tracker will fully match up with the amount you have taken on card.

How to introduce payment integration to your salon with Salon Tracker
If, after reading this blog, payment integration sounds like something you’d want to introduce in your salon, we’d be more than happy to help you get started with this. We currently work with PaymentSense and are working on a new integration with another merchant. If you would like we can pass your details over to our direct contact at PaymetSense and then they will be in touch with you to discuss the details of the integration with you and a possible contract with them. This feature is available on both of our professional and enterprise packages and we already have many of our customers who actively use this feature.

Don’t forget we are exhibiting at Salon International this weekend. Feel free to drop by stand T174and someone will be happy to give you a live demonstration of Salon Tracker and answer any burning questions you may have about the software and our payment integrations.
We hope to see you there!

Salon Tracker x

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