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26 Aug 2020

Salon Tracker’s Top Beauty Picks from Lock down.


As lock down comes to an end, one thing that didn’t slow down was new tips and tricks from the beauty world. One of the main sources of these tips was Tiktok, an app many of our sales team spent a little too much time on! As many places are re-opening and life is slowly getting back to normal, we thought we’d share our favourites!

Heatless Curls

One of the hacks our sales team learnt was a new way to do heatless curls, one of the most popular hacks in our office. This is also known as ‘dressing gown curls’ and requires you to wrap your damp hair around your dressing gown cord, gradually adding bits in and then securing your hair at the bottom. You then need to leave this in for a few hours or even over night and your hair will be nice and curled, as though you’ve spent hours on it! This is great as you can do this on a night and by the time you wake up for work in the morning, your hair is basically done, plus you have the advantage of this not damaging your hair.  If you want to see how to do this, here’s a YouTube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBLpOqGWda0

Fluffy Brows

A makeup hack we learnt from tiktok was a new phenomenon called soap brows. This is a quick trick to give you full, fluffy brows using a bar of soap. Whilst you can get a product called ‘brow soap’ which seems to work slightly better, many tiktok users tried this trick with normal hand soap and it seemed to work nearly just as well. To do this trick all you will need to do is start with clean brows and your bar of soap. The you just need to slightly wet the soap and run your eyebrow brush through it. Then brush the soap through your brows in an upwards motion before shaping your brows to the shape you desire.  This will give you natural looking fluffy brows. Here’s a link where you can buy your own brow soap https://www.beautybay.com/p/wes


Fake Tan Contour

Another trick we have learnt over lock down is how to contour your face (and body) using fake tan.  This will mean that you can roll out of bed in the morning with a nice chiselled look, with no time or make up needed.  All you need to do is do your fake tan routine as normal, but after this is done, you’ll just need to grab a makeup brush. Then you can get your fake tan on the brush and start shading in areas that you’d like a little more definition in such as your cheek bones and nose, we’re even seen some people using this to contour some abs and muscles!

Henna Freckles

One running theme with all these hacks is the ‘no makeup makeup look’ and minimum effort on the day to day. This tip is no different. One of the most popular new trends, that comes and goes fairly regularly is faux freckles.  Whilst many people were blessed with natural freckles, there is a handful of us who are unfortunately not. Whilst there are many makeup products that you can use to create freckles on the day to day, one new trick that has come out of lockdown is henna freckles. This is where you use henna to create the faux freckle look and this will last a few days or even weeks! There are loads of helpful videos on how to do this on YouTube and tiktok but we should mention that you need to make sure that you get a trustworthy henna and do a patch test first. Here are some great temporary products you could use instead of henna or to practice with - https://www.beautybay.com/p/freck/faux-freckle-cosmetics-neutral/?ctyid=gb&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItIL3g4K56wIVYIBQBh0wXQCUEAQYASABEgKd9_D_BwE

These tips and tricks helped us through lock down so we hope some of these may work for you too!


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Salon Tracker Team x

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