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08 Apr 2020

Salon Tracker Webinar: Extending Course Expiry Dates and Crediting Client Services! Weds 9th April 11.00am

Welcome to Salon Tracker Webinars!

Morning guys, Happy Wednesday! (Just to remind you what day of the week it is! Seems like they’ve all merged in to one at the minute!) But we hope you are all keeping well and staying safe at home during these unprecedented times.

So, during this time we appreciate it’s been really difficult for all salon owners and your employees too with the forced closure of your businesses, everyone’s usual day to day routine changes and many of you find yourself with a lot of spare time on your hands. It’s been a very different day to day for us too, as we’re used to speaking to you all most days to help with management, training and marketing advice for your salons. With that said, that’s why our team have got our heads together to see how we can help you guys out during this time, to also prepare you for once we return to some normality!

And so, introducing ‘Salon Tracker Webinars’! As you are already aware if you are a customer of ours, we have frozen ALL your subscription payments for the foreseeable, as we wanted to ensure that we are looking after you in this time and appreciate the use of the software is limited. However, just because we have paused payments, it doesn’t mean we have paused our support to you, and so all webinars are FREE!

Not only did we want to look after you, we wanted you to be able to look after your clients too, which is how we identified what our first webinar was going to be about.

We understand that a lot of your clients will have purchased services prior to the lock down, with some of them potentially buying these literally days before you were forced to close. And if any of these courses or packages have expiry dates, the time that we are in the lock down will have eaten in to those clients already bought services.

And so, for our first session we’re going to show you how to extend expiry dates, re-activate expired services, credit services to a client’s course and even give you a head start on some ‘Welcome Back’ offers to be having a think about!

For those of you who are in the tanning industry (where most of your courses will have expiry dates) we will also be writing scripts to be able to do blanket course extensions too once you can reopen! But this webinar was aimed at showing you how you can manually extend courses using the software, and credit services when your clients do eventually come back in to the salon, to also make their welcome back appointment more personable too if you are extending/crediting their services in front of them.

So, when can you catch this webinar?

We will be going LIVE on zoom tomorrow (Thurs 9th April) at 11.00am! It will last around 30 minutes, consisting of a 15 min webinar and then some time for Q&A at the end!

All details are below:

Salon Tracker is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 205 954 026
Password: 020263

Simply click that link tomorrow morning 5 or 10 mins before 11, and you should be prompted to download zoom and then you’ll be good to go! I have left the meeting ID and password there, should you need it, however by clicking the link this should be enough to enable you to join.

Hope to see you there, in the meantime take care and stay safe!

Salon Tracker x

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