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14 May 2020

Planning for your re-open date! We will be offering 50% off your first 3 months re-opening payments!

Afternoon everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous bank holiday weekend and have managed to enjoy a bit of the sunshine today. So, with the bank holiday weekend came the latest government announcement, in which this has suggested that salons may be able to re-open from July the 4th dependant on how the situation is at that time.

As much as that is a couple of months off, at least now this has provided a date to work towards, and get things prepared ready for you being able to open those doors once again?

Before we kick-off, we wanted to let you know that we are going to continue supporting you as much as we can financially over the initial re-opening period! We won’t be charging for any subscriptions still before that date, these will remain frozen. Then after you can re-open, we will be crediting all the dates that you had paid for upfront previously; before then offering you 50% off your next 3 months payments on reopening.

So, what do we suggest that you start to plan for over these next few weeks?

We imagine if you are able to open on the 4th, there may be some restrictions and social distancing measures that have to be applied to your business prior to reopening. You will need to have adequate PPE in place for your employees and ensure that there are stricter hygiene measures followed throughout the salon, maybe think about installing sanitising stations on entrance and exit too. We have seen a lot of you have taken out courses to be able to ensure that you are protecting yourselves and salon visitors, which is fantastic and maybe a great qualification to have displayed somewhere in the salon; just to provide that extra piece of mind to your customers.

You may then need to think about your work stations, ensuring these are at least 2 metres apart from the next station, providing extra protection for both your colleagues and customers.

Once you have the operational side of this in place, you may then need to think about how you can manage your bookings, should there be a maximum number of people allowed in the salon at any one time. If you currently offer online booking, we have implemented the ability to be able to block out certain hours/days on your therapist’s columns, which will then reflect online so these slots will be marked as unavailable to book. If you don’t use online booking, or are still not using a software system, you can make sure to still block out certain times on your software calendar, or your appointment book to ensure that your salon will remain within the requirements (whatever they may be as we find out nearer the time).

You can now safely go through your client waiting list and start contacting those customers and provisionally offering them appointment slots from the 4th July! It’s important to stress it is provisional, however; it is great for you to keep in touch with your clients knowing these bookings can also be rearranged easily if needed.

We are then also going to be advancing our Siteview feature, therefore for those of you that currently use our Enterprise package, we will be altering the way in which this feature works. So currently, this allows you to be able to view appointments from a mobile phone or tablet. Now, you are not only going to be able to view them, you can add, edit and remove appointments from within the app itself! Great for therapists managing their own calendars from personal devices, to practice social distancing further by everyone not having to use the main salon reception computer.

We will be going through this on our next webinar, which will be Thurs 21st May at 11.00am, plus a few other ideas that we have had to help you guys as you plan for reopening.

Any questions before then, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or drop us an email at info@salontracker.co.uk. As much as we have frozen subscription payments, our support is still very much here and for anyone that’s not a member of our Salon Tracker community at the moment, you can also trial our software FREE until you can re-open.

Until next week, stay safe and take care!

Salon Tracker x

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