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18 Sep 2019

Our Latest Features

As we approach Salon International, our developers have been working extra hard to make sure that we have plenty of new features ready to show you all! These are some of the main features we’ve been readily working on, but you will also notice there have been a lot of smaller tweaks and updates being made to the software recently.

Split Bookings Online

For any Hair Salons we can understand the need for the system to automatically put in a development time. This again is something we have been working on, and will be ready to demo on our stand T174 at Salon International. The feature is something we have already developed within the actual Salon Tracker software, and it is going to be a great addition online for any salons that have treatments needing a development time. Currently, the feature works by adding a wait time to the end of the treatment. For example, you might add in a balayage treatment that needs a 60 minutes development time, you can enter this in the management section. Then when you add the second part of the treatment, such as the cut and finish, it will automatically put the 60-minute development time between the two different services. This feature will work exactly the same online, meaning that other customers will still be able to book in with the same technician during the development time.

Unavailable Staff

You never know if/when a member of your team is going to get sick or is going need a day off work, and sometimes this can leave you having to call your customers and explain that you need to rearrange their appointment or move it to be with a different employ. There are three different options you can chose from when making a staff member unavailable:
    1. Don’t move the appointments and manually rearrange them
      2. Smart move appointments, meaning that the software will move the appointment to any available calendar slot matching the booking time.
        3. Move the appointments to a specific technician of your choice
          This makes it much easier if you’ve got tonnes of appointments, just to quickly and efficiently move them over into another technicians column.

          Waiting list on timer view

          Tanning Salons can often be very busy, especially during the summer months when everyone is trying to top up on their tan before they go on holiday. Our new waiting list feature works perfect tanning salons and helps to ensure that salons are kept organised with waiting customers. We do currently have a waiting list feature in place, which some of you may use already, however in order to make it easier to use and view we have introduced a newer version. You will now be able to have an individual waiting list for each bed, so not only is it easier to add people to the waiting list, it also includes an overall waiting time for the bed for anyone who is wanting to go on the bed once its free, so they know exactly how long they’ll be waiting.

          We are exhibiting at Stand T174 this year at Salon International, so feel free to drop by and we can show you all of these great new features in person. You will also receive an exclusive offer by visiting our stand, so make sure you don’t miss out on that either! We look forward to seeing you there.

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