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04 Sep 2019

My First Year!

I can’t believe its been a year already! I’m sure many of you have seen me at trade shows or spoken to me on the phone but if not… I’m Leah. I am a part of the Sales and Marketing Team here at Salon Tracker and also a degree apprentice student!

I started around about a year ago after getting my A level results. This tends to be one of our busiest times of the year so I was thrown straight into the deep end which meant I had to try and pick up everything as quick as possible. When I first started answering calls, I had to double check almost everything with my manager Nicki and the other members of the team Christie and Naomi but as my first month drew to a close, I found I was able to tackle a lot more independently.

My main jobs roles are: using social media to attract customers, answering the phones, completing demo and trial and writing blogs (just like this one).  Though these are my main roles, I also do things such as hiring and attending trade shows. This year I have attended Professional Beauty Trade shows in both London and Manchester. I will also be attending Salon International next month, come visit us on stand T174.

I enjoy attending these trade shows and talking to both new potential customers and also existing customers that I had previously only spoke to on the phone.

Just after I had got to grips with the job, I started my degree apprenticeship at Sheffield Hallam University. I am currently completing a Chartered Management Degree. Whilst this is the equivalent of a normal degree, instead of being there full time, I attend lectures for four days every two months and between these blocks I complete different assignments for grades which go towards my end degree. At first, taking in all the information for a full module in just 4 days then having to complete a full assignment on it was difficult to fit it in with my work, but as my first year comes to a close, I am finding it a little easier every time. Though sometimes balancing work life and studying can be a little stressful but I know It will be worth it in the end when it comes to graduation in 2021.

Overall, I have learnt a lot in the past year and I’m enjoying all the work I do here at Salon Tracker. Though I have already learnt so much I am constantly expanding my knowledge further and I look forward to continuing this for years to come. There is a lot of exciting things in the future for Salon Tracker and I look forward to getting the chance to speak to more of you!

Leah x

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