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04 Mar 2020

Meet the Salon Tracker Team

When Salon Tracker was first built there were only five staff members, six years on and we now have a team of over thirteen people, the expansion is tremendous and will continue through the years. As time has passed, we have welcomed many fantastic new team members. Let’s take a look at each team member working at Salon Tracker currently. 

Toby and Conor are members of our support team, they help the girls working within the sales and marketing team to find a solution when an error or problem occurs. They are always there to support their fellow staff members and Salon Tracker customers and they offer their assistance in all situations which can be difficult. 

Nicola is the head of the sales and marketing team at Salon Tracker, she sets achievements for the sales team to meet each year and will break these down into specific targets to reach each month. She is currently managing our multi-site salon project and will be dealing with all enquiries who have multiple salons. When her fellow team members are uncertain on how to carry out specific tasks she is always there to support and assist them, such a lovely manager. She is unlucky when it comes to holidays for example her most recent trip to Lanzarote started two days late after a sand storm hit the island and she was stuck in Alicante. Not the first unlucky trip she has had unfortunately. When the team carry out a fuddle, she has been voted the best fuddle food provider with her range of gluten free options.   

Joseph is the newest member of the Salon Tracker team and has been labelled a technical wizard by his fellow colleagues, as he’s always on hand to provide a solution to the range of different problems Salon Tracker face on a daily basis. Joe has been a part of the office now for just over four months now and has been a fast learner in regards to the software. He encourages his fellow team members to eat healthy with his Huel regime and meal prep however he is known for his regular cheat days, which influence the rest of the team, McDonald's Monday did someone say?

Halle is the newest member of the Salon Tracker sales and marketing team and is currently managing the companies Educational Salon Software project and will be dealing with all enquires regarding beauty academies. Even though she has only been with the company for six months now she has learnt a lot during her time with her fellow team members and is assisting customers throughout their journey with Salon Tracker, she has been labelled friendly by many. Colleagues state that she is the best dressed in the office and has never been seen without a face of makeup. Halle is known be her fellow team members as being the office organizer as her desk is always extremely clean, she doesn’t like boxes and always disposes of them from the office.

Naomi has been apart of the Salon Tracker team for over two years now she was the first apprentice to join the Salon Tracker team, her knowledge about the software and the company allows her to assist her fellow team members. She is also known as the technology wizard when joe is busy the team turn to her for her knowledge and support, she is always on hand to help. The girls in the office know Naomi best for her love of prosecco, she's the life and soul of the party, when work events are arranged, she must attend. Naomi likes to play tricks on her fellow team members, she’s a joker and makes her team laugh on a regular basis.

Leah is a member of the sales and marketing team at Salon Tracker, she is currently managing and supporting our hair and beauty clients as part of her new project. She is always helpful to her fellow team members and continuously provides support to customers. She is the designated driver when work events take place such as the Christmas works party as she is extremely reliable. Tea duty is extremely important to the Salon Tracker office and Leah is always on hand to make the cup of teas and coffees without a doubt the best tea maker in the office.

Christie has also been a member of the Salon Tracker team for over two years now and at the moment is managing the company’s tanning clients as part of her company project. She is a dedicated hard worker who is always here to help her fellow team members. Christie is best known for her cake baking however she is yet to win the office bake off. The office prankster is her most popular trait every day without a fail she carry’s out a prank on at least one person in the office. The office turns to Christie when in need of a snack as her snack draw is the best in the office.

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