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01 May 2019

May Feature of the Month - My Reports

It’s 1st May, how time flies! Almost half way through the year already and about to enter one of the busiest times for Salons. So, with this in mind, we have tried to improve our features for you to stay in control of your business and be able to track sales data easier during peak times.

For those of you that have had our Salon Tracker Professional package for a while, you will be used to our advanced reports section, where you can view information on anything from takings, to stock levels and the productivity of each of your employees. And for any of you that are on our Enterprise package, these reports are then visible online where you can log on to our site view app and run them, 24/7, from anywhere you like!

We have realised from recent feedback from you guys that this feature has being really useful to those of you that are utilising our Site View application at the moment, but however some of you recommended that it would be furthermore beneficial if we could create some reports that could be viewed by individual staff members only. Especially if your salon is structured where a lot of your therapists are self-employed. So, with our recent release, we wanted talk to you about our new exclusive feature: ‘My Reports’.

For those of you that create individual staff log-ins, you will now be able to provide each of your employees with their own reports, detailing their individual takings and retail sales. For those that are self employed but working in your premises, they can then password-protect these reports to be viewed by themselves only, so that their colleagues don’t also know what they’re earning.

So, we have currently created 2 reports that are visible under the ‘my reports’ section. We have a ‘booking sales by staff’ and ‘retail sales by staff’, breaking down each individual therapist’ takings based on their treatments carried out and also retail products sold. See examples below: 

The benefit of this is your staff members can now check this throughout the day, which should hopefully prompt self-motivation to boost sales figures, as it is only the staff members themselves that can improve their own individual takings. It is also useful for self-employed staff members, as they are no longer having to bother their owners each time that they would like a copy of their own sales -improving sales privacy for those therapists too.

Staff members would have to be subsequently logged in on their own account when confirming their own appointments and when taking payments for all treatments & retail products in order for the ‘My Reports’ to generate properly. However, any staff member can still make a booking for any therapist, so it won’t hinder the productivity of appointments being booked in the salon. This process is just to ensure that the staff member is dealing with their own appointment takings, to ensure the ‘my reports’ are accurate. Plus, this also helps to personalise the customer journey, as the same therapist will deal with their own clients for the duration of their appointment, from arrival through to payment and leaving the salon.

So if you are currently on our Pro or Enterprise package and would like to upgrade to this feature, please get in touch with our team and we can sort this for you! Alternatively if you’re not currently a Salon Tracker customer and would like to get an insight in to how our software could help to improve the day to day management of your business, you can request a FREE demo & trial download at https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx or just call a member of our Sales Team on 0113 350 8230 who would be happy to help you!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Salon Tracker x

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