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10 Nov 2021

It's November, which means one thing...Black Friday!!

 ‘They’re singing Deck the Halls!’ 

It’s nearly that time again! Black Friday is just around the corner, this year falling on Friday 26th November and were also now fully in to the 6 weeks Christmas countdown(woohoo!). Did you know, according to Lockhart Meyer, in 2016 £1.96bn was spent on Black Friday, with 50% of the population being interested in the event. Another interesting fact Meyer mentions is, 70% of these are under 25, with 65% of those being aged 25-34! So, if you have micro-marketing tools (or are a user of our software), make sure you use your marketing suites to target this age range, for sales to be most effective.


Why should you make the most of Black Friday? Starting out in America, the event has grown drastically in the last 10 years, with so many young adults now awaiting the exclusive deals to ensure they get their Christmas purchases made early! I know for most retailers, Black Friday means offering some discount. Having said this, when the rest of the industry and your competitors are likely to be doing the same, this is the one time where discounting your products and services can be beneficial to you! As long as you still leave yourself with a small profit margin, you can still make great sales; as the volume of those over the Black Friday weekend can sometimes amount to the same as fewer sales would at your original RRP price.


So, how can you make your discounted products and services stand out above the rest?



Gift Tables

This is a Salon Tracker fave! The way in which your products are displayed can massively increase sales, as the more eye-catching something looks, the more likely the client is to purchase these items. Especially at Christmas, this is a great time to display your gift sets, Winter products and sample products, by adding a Christmassy display in your salon, this can also boost the mood of clients if your salon atmosphere gives off a fun Xmas vibe. We know the old saying, Happy Clients = Happy Shopping! A recent survey by Lockhart Meyer also showed that the beauty stocking fillers were among consumers top 5 most-wanted lists for Black Friday. So, these 2 go hand in hand to ensure you make some successful Black Friday sales this November!




As we have mentioned above, you can use your marketing filters to identify best spending customers, or perhaps clients that are due to refresh their services soon, as this is a good way to get customers to come for their colour refresh, or nail infills for example. But not only that, this is also a good time to market to your different age categories. As discussed, a key target audience for the Black Friday event is 16-34 so ensure you utilise your age filters for that. You can then send an SMS campaign, which could include a web-link on the text message to your offers, or also to your online booking page, to get people booking their Christmas appointments with you early!




Another great and cost-effective option to communicate with your clients is email. If you are a user of Salon Tracker, we now also have a direct integration with Mailchimp, where you can utilise our micro-marketing filters to create email campaigns to a direct target audience. The great thing about Mailchimp and similar e-shot providers is, they are really simple to use and you can add your own personalised graphics to these. So, if you want to highlight any particular parts of your Black Friday deals, this is a great way to do it, to attract your client’s attention to the deals your salon is offering this year!



Social Media/Competition


Social media is always a great place to get people talking about your salon, and everyone will be jumping on board with the #blackfriday hashtag over the coming weeks. As this is a mass market for your business to advertise to, you want to ensure that you have a presence among the searches over Black Friday weekend. Lots of people will be advertising the same messages however. So, great ways to get your clients talking about you and sharing your posts is to set up something new, such as a competition, or an entry in to a prize draw (if they share their salon Christmas treatments on social media), and so on. Think of some unique ideas that could be interesting to get people mentioning your brand. As all Christmas promotion is good promotion and beneficial to not only your Black Friday sales, but to increasing your brand growth too.


VIP Slot 

And for those clients that are regulars with you anyway, why not utilise this time to treat them to an exclusive ‘Black Friday’ gift or offer? Or invite them to a VIP event! Some great ideas are ‘treatment masterclasses’ or ‘taster treatments’ or even a showcase of all of your upcoming Spring products! Clients’ love getting invited to VIP events, as this makes them feel valued and a premium client of yours. Plus, this is also a great way to ensure you have client longevity and retention after Christmas in to the New Year too!



Then Last but Not Least - Our Offers!


And as always, we’re getting involved too!


We’ll be bringing our offers to you 1 week early, starting Monday 22ndNovember we’ll be offering:


30% Off First 3 Months Software
15% Off All Hardware Purchases
15 % Off All SMS Bundles –
great for your Xmas Marketing Campaigns!


And this will be running until Friday 3rd December so make sure to get your trial in during this time!


To claim your offer, simply head to https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx to enquire for your FREE TRIAL, and if you are on trial before 3rd December, you are still eligible for our offer from your first software payment.


All hardware and SMS bundle purchases must be also made before 3rd December to be able to redeem the discount.

So, Happy Black Friday Planning and Software Shopping, it’s Christmassss!

Salon Tracker x

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