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30 Oct 2019

How your Salon can help Children In Need this year!

Children In Need has come around again and we've only got just over two weeks to get prepared! Here at Salon Tracker, we want to help children in need as much as possible and I'm sure you do too. Your Salon is a perfect platform to raise awareness, with clients coming in and out everyday you're bound to make a difference. If you're unsure how, here's a few ideas on how to get started...

Getting in the spirit

Getting in the spirit of Children in need is always a good place to start. Simply dressing up in the Salon works wonders and definitely brings good vibes to the Salon for clients and your staff - you could even get your clients involved and use a Pudsey photo booth to spread awareness on your social media. Dressing up doesn't mean you have to be extreme, just some Pudsey ears would make the cut as the more Pudsey your clients see, the more they will want to donate! Buy your Pudsey ears from the official shop - Official Pudsey Shop

Everybody loves a bake sale

Bake sales are the most mainstream way to raise money, but also the most enjoyable! Getting each member of staff to bake a small batch of Pudsey-themed bakes will go a long way, charging clients a small amount per item and giving all profits to Children in Need will work wonders. If you had 10 members of staff, and each member of staff baked 12 cupcakes sold at £1 each, you'd raise £120 for children in need! £50 worth of donations is enough to pay for specialised equipment for an assistance dog supporting a child on the autism spectrum to reduce anxiety and increase his confidence - that's amazing!

Be involved

Getting involved doesn't have to cost a lot, if anything at all! You can order your free supporter kit from the BBC children in need website which includes a money box, posters for your window display and around the salon and stickers to put wherever you like, loyalty cards perhaps? It also comes with a free guide, so you're all covered! Click Free Supporter Kit and order yours now!

Donate a small portion

Why not donate a small percentage such as 5% of any treatment to children in need. Not only will your customers love that you're doing such a generous thing of your own back, it will also encourage new customers to come and have treatments with you because they can be happy for some of their money to go towards such a great cause whilst getting a treatment out of it too! And you know what new customers leads too... repeat customers! It's a win win situation. You could even start doing Pudsey themed treatments such as Pudsey nails and donate a bigger percentage to the charity for these treatment which will encourage more clients to get them hence spreading more awareness for Children In Need!

Social media works wonders

Your social media platforms are perfect for advertising about anything, so why not use it to your best advantage and advertise about Children In Need? Simply put a link to the donation page on the official BBC children in need website, even if you don't know who's donated and who hasn't, at least you're raising awareness to all your followers. 

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These are just a few ideas of what you can do for Children in Need this year, and with just over 2 weeks to go, you've got plenty of time to get organised! Good luck!

Just so you know, Children in need will return to our screens on BBC on Friday 15th November, so tune in to find out exactly what your donations can do!

Salon Tracker x

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