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27 Nov 2019

How to make the most of the Christmas Rush!

It feels like 2 minutes ago since we were writing our Christmas blogs last year, we can’t believe it is already this time of year again! As we are all aware, the festive season can be one of the busiest times of the year for salons so we thought we’d let you know some of our top tips on how to make the most of it.

Retail Bundles.
One way you could really make the most of the festive season is to create retail bundles with all of the retail products that you already sell. For example, if you are a hair salon and you offer retail products such as shampoo, conditioner and hairspray you could make up small bundles, maybe even knocking a few pounds off. You could then market these as gifts for people to buy their loved ones this Christmas. All you need to do it gather all the components together and put a Christmas bow around them, then they will fly out the salon!
Treatment Package.
Like the retail packages, treatment packages are sure to be a huge hit. Especially at this time of the year where a lot of people are wanting to feel a little more glam ahead of all the Christmas festivities and the yearly office Christmas parties. Selling a group of different treatments as a package deal, with a slight discount will encourage clients to get more treatments than they originally thought they wanted. For example, if you decide to do a treatment package including a manicure, pedicure, spray tan and eyebrow wax. You may find that people who originally wanted just a manicure and pedicure booking this package because they ‘may as well’ because you are offering them such a deal. 
One way to really get you, your employees and your clients into the Christmas spirit is to decorate your salon. This is a really simple and easy way to do this and will (hopefully) put a smile on everyone’s face. You can go all out with a tree, tinsel and fake snow or you could down the more understated route with some fairy lights and Christmas jumpers. No matter which route you feel fits your salon best, this will draw attention to your salon for passers-by and will also help keep morale up in this especially stressful period.
Marketing Campaigns.
A way to encourage your existing clients to book themselves a visit before Christmas is to send them out a marketing campaign. This could be advertising any new offers or packages or you could even do this just to wish your clients a happy new year. Here are some examples we did in Salon Trackers intelligent marketing suite,
Hi <<Forename>>
We hope you have a lovely Christmas and we can't wait to see you in the new year!
<<CompanyName>> <<CompanyTel>>

Hi <<Forename>>
Come visit us to book in for our amazing Christmas bundle before it's too late!
<<CompanyName>> <<CompanyTel>>
When you’re using Salon Trackers marketing feature, your client’s forename and all your company details will automatically come up in the text. This is also a one way, messaging system so clients will not be able to message you back, they would have to ring.  Remember, to avoid using two credits per message, keep all campaigns short, sweet and under 160 characters.
A final way to make the most of the Christmas rush is to put on a competition. You could do this on social media or just in store.  There are many different competitions that you could do. We’d recommend doing them on various different social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. One example of a competition you could do over Christmas is an ‘Elfie’ competition. You could challenge your clients to upload a selfie of one of their treatments they have had done at the salon, and get them to tag your salon page. You could then choose your favourite caption and give the winner a prize to use in the new year. This will get people, who may not have heard of you seeing pictures of your work and maybe make them want to book an appointment with you.

We hope these little tips and tricks will help you over the busy period and if you want more information on our software and the advanced marketing suite feature we offer please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or email  info@salontracker.co.uk

Salon Tracker x

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