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18 Mar 2020

How to keep busy during unfortunate downtime in the Salon

It’s the middle of March already and right now you would probably expect to be on the
horizon of your busiest period of the year in the Salon. But… with the pandemic disaster in full swing, you’re no doubt going to struggle to keep a busy Salon whilst all this is going on. Not to worry! There are plenty of ways you can keep busy in this unfortunate downtime and we’re going to tell you exactly how...

First of all – if you don’t have Salon Tracker, now is the perfect time for a free trial!

Salon Tracker is a very effective way of keeping on top of the Salon in terms of appointments, SMS reminders, marketing texts, stock control, business reports & lots more! Whilst you are having some downtime in the Salon, why not try a 2-week free trial of the software and see how it could work for you? We offer free, unlimited training as well as support and there are no set-up fees. If you’re currently with another software provider, we will transfer your clients from that software in the trial period and will also offer your first 3 months at 30% off for moving from another provider! If this sounds good to you, then just go to https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible to get this arranged for you.

A marketing campaign

Around this time of the year, you may find it difficult finding any time to fit in a quick marketing campaign to send to your clients. So now is the perfect opportunity to perhaps send a campaign out informing your clients about an offer you are holding on gift cards. For example, you could put an offer on that entitles clients to buy a £30 voucher for the price of £25 and so on. Not only will this give you that bit of income in this quiet period but it will ensure clients will be coming back in when this disaster has calmed down and also encourage the rebooking of brand-new clients!

A big spring clean/ makeover

I know its often hard to find the time to do a thorough clean of the Salon and it probably bugs you that you can’t get it as clean as you want it. Well now’s the perfect opportunity to do so! If you’ve got a day where you’ve got next to no appointments in, grab your cleaning stuff and hinch away. Not only will it leave your Salon sparkling, but it will also boost your mood! Even better still, if you’ve been thinking of redecorating the Salon to have it exactly as you want it, why not go for it and get your staff in on it as well instead of hiring decorators? This will keep you busy for a few days and will really give the team the opportunity to bond as well as being extremely satisfying when you’re finished.

If you are still busy in the Salon then that’s great, just make sure you take all the precautionary measures to ensure you and your staff are safe as well your clients. A little notice board inside and outside of the Salon as well as being promoted on social media is where you can start. 

The notice board should include:

• If anyone with an appointment booked or wants to use the sunbeds, please make sure you have had no sign of any COVID-19 symptoms e.g a high temperature, a cough, shortness of breath. If you do, please rearrange your appointment to the late future!

• If you are still attending the Salon, please make sure you wash your hands as soon as you enter the Salon. Hand sanitiser will also be provided.

• Ensure we at the Salon are taking extra precautionary measures to make the Salon as safe as possible, we always disinfect equipment after every client.

• Anything else you feel is important.

If you still don’t want to risk the Salon being open, you could encourage your clients to purchase gift cards for their nearest and dearest or for themselves for the future when all of this has blown over -just to keep your head above water in this global disaster.

In light of the current pandemic - we are all working from home however if you do have any questions just give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or email info@salontracker.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help - it is business as usual!

Salon Tracker x

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