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11 Sep 2019

How to cope from the salon going from busy to quiet in the working months

What to do during the quiet periods within the salon

Growing your business is still achievable during the months in which are quieter for the salon and there are many ways which this can be carried out in. During these months staff members are still able to achieve goals set by both the employer and themselves.

So, after a very busy summer, it is now September! This means that all students are returning to education again and many are back to work.This is the perfect opportunity for your business to begin thriving once again as you are able to discuss with the team what offers you can put in place to grab the attention of your customers. Quiet times within the salon create new opportunities for both staff members and clients as this is when incredible deals will be created to draw customers back in before they go to work and education.

How can you stay productive during the quiet periods? The answer is checklists you are then able to complete the list and carry out jobs that are effective for the daily running of the business. Staff members are able to put their expertise into practice to better benefit the salon this can include doing things such as completing checklists. Using the correct checklist can improve the outcome of your salon and improve staff morale. Having a reoccurring checklist ensures that all staff members provide a high standard of care and attention to each customer. These lists enable staff members to have reduced stress levels as they know what they must do and the date in which it must be completed by. An example of this can include a new staff member beginning to answer the phone and speak with current or new clients this can cause them to become anxious which means that they are more at risk of making errors. Having a list will remove this risk and allow the staff member to remain calm and collected whilst speaking to clients.

Whilst the salon is quiet employees and the employer are able to focus on the most essential part of running a successful business which is marketing. Marketing involves the name of the company, its logo, the prices of each service available, the way each staff member presents themselves this includes there clothing worn within the work environment and the way the phone is answered when speaking to clients or potential clients. Clients judge the salon on all of these different aspects as they have an impression in their mind from the things that they have seen and heard. Clients will notice the small things that are done so therefore showing that everything is a marketing technique for the business. A busy salon is the main reason why standards begin to slip this is when a business becomes vulnerable to incidents and bad reviews from clients as they believe that they have no time to pay all their attention to one client.

If you like it or not your clients will always judge you as they will always have an opinion, your staff members and salon because everything you do is marketing.
Even when the salon is quiet it is important that routines do not adjust as consistency is key to a successful business. Why is it important to be consistent? Because a business being consistent in its ways means that clients are able to predict reactions, this will therefore build a trusting relationship between the clients and staff members within the business. If the business is trustworthy then the client will recommend the business to people, they know this will build a larger client network for the company.

Clients should not be able to notice a difference when being attended to by a different member of staff therefore during quieter times at the salon it is important that each staff member receives the same training that is suitable for their role. The employer may provide one to one session to ensure that all members of staff carry out tasks in the same manner so that customers are satisfied with the service.

During quieter times the employer is able to focus on the interior design and layout of their salon so that they are able to make the most of the space that they have. If there is excess space then the salon may be able to introduce new services such as waxing this will reach out to a wider range of clients. If the salon is well kept then clients will feeler safer within the environment for example if the facilities are clean then clients are more likely to return however if they aren’t then they may be put off from returning.

Related imageI hope that this blog has given you an overview on how to maintain a business within the quiet months and what can be done to better benefit your business, clients and staff members. During September you can set up an offer such as 10% off all services until the end of September to keep customers enthralled in your salon and the services you offer. I hope that we have helped to set you up for the rest of September and remember if you wish to trial our software head to   https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx and fill in your details. A member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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