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12 Aug 2020

How to bounce back after Lockdown

I know lock-down seems like it never really happened, and it was all just a bad dream but the reality is that it definitely did happen and your Salons were closed for just under 4 months! That's 1/3rd of the whole year! And that also means 33% of bookings, takings and your day to day social interaction taken from you... so what now? How can you make up for that lost time and come back stronger than ever? Well I've got just the tips you'll need, so keep reading! Wait—Now I Should Wear a Mask? > Stories at Yale Medicine

For all you hair, tanning and nail salons, you'll probably have already experienced the initial rush of all your clients going crazy for their first appointment after lock-down to get their short fingernails looking luxuriously long again or more importantly to get their severely grown out roots back a beaming blonde along with finally getting their summer tan and now its been over a month since you opened, you're probably wondering when the next rush will be... well why not try the following:

An SMS marketing campaign!

If you didn't already know, Salon Tracker has a built in marketing suite where you can send your clients a text directly from the software promoting an offer or you can specifically filter out a selected audience of customers e.g customers who haven't visited in a while and send just that group of customers a texts tempting them with an offer of 15% off if they book an appointment in the next month which will bring your clients back in and keep you busy enough too! P.S, if you're not quite sure on how to use your marketing suite, just give us a call on 0113 350 8230 and we'll give you a free training session on it! Or... just head to your Salon Tracker help section and there's a full help video on it.

The classic recommend a friend campaign!

Why not get your loyal customers to rave just a little bit more (than they already do) about your amazing salon but this time do it for a reward! For every friend they refer, why not give them a voucher of £5 to redeem off any treatment or product? This way, not only are you gaining new customers, but you are also encouraging your current customers to visit again! 

Claim that online presence!

In this day and age, having a broad social presence is extremely important as nearly 1/3rd of the worlds population use Social media regularly and social media is the hub of finding a good business, just like yours. Being a young adult myself, I know that all of the places I have ever had an appointment with have been found online - especially Instagram. It is the common trend to get your hair done and post on your feed #newhairday then tag the salon that created this look for you. Not only is this a free form of marketing for you, it is done completely off your clients back shared with all their followers.Their followers will then click on your profile and see all the work you've done and want to book an appointment themselves... which is where having online booking becomes important. Over the past 4 months, our customers upgrading to our online Enterprise package has increased by around 60% resulting in our Enterprise package now being our most popular. You'll find that your bookings will increase dramatically by having online booking as again, the millennial era are much more inclined to book online rather than having to ring up, especially if your social media pages are tempting enough!

For you guys that unfortunately haven't opened yet... beauty salons, aesthetic clinics, lash parlours... we really feel your pain and we are so happy you finally get to open again in a couple of days time! We know you're going to be extremely busy for the next month or so and we know exactly how to best handle it with these following tips:

Make use of your break slots!

Within Salon Tracker you're able to add breaks in not only on the current day but you can also add them in advance routinely e.g 1pm every day meaning that nobody can book an appointment (online and in salon) over that set break which means you'll actually give yourself a break in the busy times to come! To add a routine break in go to Management -> booking items -> click edit on the person you want to put a break in for -> click on breaks tab and click add -> set the type to the desired amount of types you want the break to reoccur. Breaks are essential and you will definitely thank me later!

Encourage your clients to use online booking

Rather than your phone and messages me absolutely bombarded, make it clear that the only form of bookings you'll be accepting is online bookings and send them the direct link making it nice and easy for them. They can also cancel their booking directly from the mobile web app so you can invest all that time into appointments and sorting the Salon! 

Take advantage of the re-book feature

To make sure this big wave of clients isn't just a one-hit-wonder, you should make full use of the re-book button which pops up right after you've confirmed the appointment. You can then book them in for a routine appointment like waxing for 2-3 weeks from the current date and it'll bring you up all the available time slots so there's no room for double booking errors. Better yet, you can print them a reminder in the same transaction! This will put you at ease knowing you're not just going to have one busy month and make it more of a continuous thing.

That's about it for today, if you do have any questions regarding any of the above information then please get in touch on 0113 350 8230 or alternatively email us at info@salontracker.co.uk and we'll be happy to help!

If you do not have the software at all and would like some help managing your busy diary then please do enquire at https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as!

Best wishes,

Salon Tracker x 

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