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09 Oct 2019

How to Market your Salon

Salon Marketing

Marketing is divided into two subcategories these are known as online and offline marketing; both have the same objective but achieving the objective is done differently. Some salons have online marketing only other have offline marketing only and many have both marketing types to help promote the business.

Marketing online 

The main focus in online marketing is on social media. Social media marketing is when the company use social media sites and social networks to market and promote their products and services. Social media is beneficial for the company as it is popular with a variety of different people this means that the company will connect with a larger audience this will therefore be cost effective for the company. Online marketing helps to boost online reviews as customers are able to easily write reviews for other potential customers to see this will help to connect with the business’s audience. This also allows you to promote customer service and this is vital to a accomplishing a successful business as you are able to respond to your customers and potential customers to answer any enquires, they may have. However, it is important that staff members are qualified and invest their time into the different social media accounts your business has to ensure that the content isn’t boring or repetitive this will help to prevent the bad publicity that can occur as a result of using social media.

Email marketing is also promoted through social media as your salon is able to share their email so those who prefer to communicate through email are able to do so this means that your business has reached a larger target audience.

Google Adwords can also be used to help develop and further promote the business. This method allows your business to display their advertisement on google and it is largely focused on keywords. This is an affordable method for many business’s that helps to grow business leads and sales. However, with Google AdWords your business will pay when a potential client clicks on your advertisement regardless if they have inquired into your business or not.

Advertisements are the best way to communicate with your customers; this includes Facebook advertisements and magazine, these allow you to share a variety of information about your business.

Blogs also help to promote your salon as it allows you to communicate with your customers and keep them updated on any events occurring that may be beneficial to them. Blogs also allow you to communicate with other salons in your local area and worldwide. However, writing a blog is very time-consuming meaning that your staff may not have the time to compose the blog whilst at work therefore will be required to do it at home, this could affect staff moral in a negative way.

Running contests allows your business to interact with customers and potential customers as well as build awareness of the products and services that your salon provide.

Having links to your official website on your social media accounts will help promote the business as it raises awareness of your business and has a positive impact on the business income, this can be due to customers buying products on the website or registering to become a client and book in for a service. If your salon is interested in putting links to your website on the different business social media accounts it is essential that someone with the knowledge and skills carries out the task of linking because if it isn’t done correctly then it may not connect and could potentially cause an error.

Another method within online marketing is for your salon to sell products online, this means that they will reach out to a wider range of clients as it is accessible for people who may be unable to attend the salon to buy the products.

Marketing offline

Getting your business involved in national events such as salon international in London or Pro Beauty North is beneficial for your business as its raise’s awareness. These events are also attended by a diverse wide range of potential clients therefore they provide you with a platform to promote your business and the services you provide. Even though this method helps promote your business if it is not done in the correct manner it could potentially ruin your reputation and become very costly.

Buying a TV advertisement allows the business to demonstrate how the products and services you provide work and display the advantages of using your business services and products. This type of advertisement allows your business to reach out to a wider range of potential clients which therefore will further influence their purchasing behaviour causing them to convert into paying customers.

Another method is presenting your business on the radio this will reach out to a wide variety of people including your local audience therefore will grow brand awareness. Listener loyalty plays a main role in potential customers purchasing influence as they will listen to the same radio station on a constant therefore will trust what they advertise meaning that they are more likely to pay attention to the advertisement therefore more likely to attend your service. However, many individuals will listen to the radio on their commute to work this means that other businesses will request the same slot meaning that the price may be increased. The radio can also be background noise meaning that people may not actually pay attention to what is being presented therefore it may not be effective in helping your business gain more clients.

Billboard advertising is another method that can be used by your business as your business services are on a large eye-catching graphics display board that cannot be avoided. This method offers a design opportunity as it offers a lot of space and freedom for your salon to be creative and promote the business in the way that best suits them. Billboards expose your salon to more than one target audience as a variety of people will look at the billboard whilst walking or driving past etc.

If your salon and the staff members who work within the service are willing to be involved in the community this will be largely beneficial for the business as it will build partnerships with other businesses in the local community. Planning and hosting events which allows the local community to access promotions, giveaways and contests will allow the community to feel included within the local business therefore this may attract more local customers.

Re-marketing to previous clients has shown to be another effective method of advertising as it involves creating an appropriate campaign and use an appropriate method of communication to reintroduce previous clients back to your new and improved services and products. In order to attract previous clients, it is essential that you get to the point this will allow you to raise curiosity and offer a trial this could be done by offering free samples or a product for free. However, this method may not always be effective as previous clients left your business for a reason and this could potentially be because of the persistent marketing that they found irritating, this will create a negative relationship between your business and the previous client in which they could pass to family and friends therefore damaging your reputation.

Giving away products for free is a strategy that will help you to promote your business as well as setting a standard for potential clients. If you provide clients with a small sample such as a lipstick sample it may persuade those who are interested to become loyal clients as the sample will show them the worth of your products and service, after all first impressions are very important. However, giving away free samples could be a waste of money for your salon as potential clients may not like the product your giving away and other individual’s may take the free sample without intentions of using your business therefore this money could have been used in other more effective methods of marketing.

Having a brochure for your salon is essential as it summaries your salon and the services and products that you offer. It will include offers that you do, pricing of all products and services as well as any bundles that you do, it will also include a brief over view of each service. Advantages of this method includes, time saving, cost effective and flexibility with design.

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