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05 Feb 2020

How Salon Tracker Specialises in Multi-Site Business Management

Do you own more than one salon? Did you know that you can control all your salons from one main headquarters with Salon Tracker software! As we specialise in the management of multisite salon businesses, there are lots of specific built-in features designed to suit multiple salon environments.

From organising your customer data, where services & tanning courses can be shared across multiple sites, to systemising your stock ordering; our software improves the day to day running of larger salon branches. So, here’s a few simple benefits that Salon Tracker provides to help the overall running of this type of business:

HQ/Marketing from Head Office

In larger organisations, normally there are lots of different departments involved in the overall running of the business. Especially when the salons are based in several locations spread across the UK, it can be hard in these situations for the company owners to be able to oversee productivity at each separate site. With the Salon Tracker HQ, this makes the running of this so much easier; whether it be the Salon Owners, Directors or Area Mangers, they can all have access to one main system that allows control of each location from one main machine. Marketing can also be segmented based on salon location, age of customer, gender etc; and SMS campaigns can be sent straight from the HQ itself. You can then generate reports following sending these campaigns out in order to reflect on how effective these have been based on their message/promotion.


This is very similar to the HQ feature in terms of it can be accessed away from the salon location itself, the difference in this however is that this is permission protected, based on user level. Therefore, for staff members, owners might just want them to only have the ability to see their own booking calendars, whereas for salon owners they can see similar reporting and tracking information to that on their HQ, but this time from their smart phone or tablet. A great way to stay in control of business whilst on the move, from anywhere, 24/7!

Sharing Product/Customer Data

Whether your business wants to link all site data, have pricing per area (so this could be services based on geographical location/county) or whether sites are all separate – Salon Tracker enables salons to have the ability to link all customers so that they can use their services at any of your salon locations. Similarly, to the way that a lot of commercial gyms are now set up, where users can go in to any gym location via a pin. This is similar with Salon Tracker, where clients can activate their details at each site using their fingerprint, which is especially useful in the tanning industry due to age restriction.


Salon Tracker has individual reporting for every salon, in which there are annual charts that are also generated per site. We have integrated with Microsoft’s power BI software, where charts and heat maps are generated to provide information based on location, average client information, bestselling services and so on. This information is much easier to visualise within Power BI and so this can be used to really focus on data in a certain area, making analysing and comparing of those figures & KPI’s much easier.

Clock in and out

Using Salon Tracker’s fingerprint technology, sites can also track staff shift times by prompting clock in and out for all staff. A great way to keep track of punctuality and also salon security; as fingerprint recognition means that staff can’t then sign colleagues in to cover for them if they are running late, where this may have been possible with password sharing or staff barcodes.

The HQ is available as part of Salon Tracker’s Enterprise package. You can trial Salon Tracker for a fortnight free of charge by simply filling out the enquiry form at https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx

Alternatively contact our sales team on 0113 350 8230 or info@salontracker.co.uk.

Salon Tracker will be exhibiting at Professional Beauty London across 29th-30th March! You can visit us on stand S35 where we will be giving live demos of our software and new features across the 2-day event. Keep an eye out on our news page and social media feeds for a link to FREE tickets for the show to be released soon!

We look forward to meeting you there!

Salon Tracker x

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