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12 Feb 2020

How Salon Tracker Can Help Your Hair Salon!

Here at Salon Tracker we are dedicated to ensuring we can help you run your salon in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. For this week’s blog we decided to put together a list of our most popular and helpful features that our hair salon customers seem to love!
Text Reminders
SMS text appointments are one of our most popular features for all types of salons, not just our hair clients. This feature allows you to choose a time period of one or two days before one of your customers appointments for the software to send out an automatic text reminder, without you having to think about it at all! The message will contain information about the customers booking and who their stylist is. This is also a one-way messaging system so you won’t need to worry about customers constantly texting you back.
Groups are another, really useful, quite hidden feature. This feature will allow you to only make certain services available to each staff member. For example, if you have staff members with different abilities or different pricing plans, we can help you create each individual staff member their own services group which will mean that only certain stylists and therapists will be able to book in certain services. This works especially well in salons with self employed staff or staff of different abilities, like apprentices!
My Reports
Another feature which is great for salons with self employed staff or even just staff who like to keep a track of their own profit on bookings and retail sales is our ‘my reports’. These reports will allow each individual staff member and stylist to be able to see reports such as booking and retail sales just for themselves. This is great for security and privacy reasons as staff members will only be able to view their own takings, not everyone else’s.
Stock Management
The selling of retail products is a large part of many different hair salons total income. We have incorporated many different small features in order to help your salon manage stock in the easiest way possible. One feature we provide is a stock control, this helps you keep track of how many of each retail product you have in and makes it clear when you’re running low on certain products. This will help ensure that you never run out of anything! We also offer a stock ordering feature which allows you to order and accept stock through your salon tracker. For more information on this feature go check out our October feature of the month blog > https://bit.ly/2S81IS9
Split Booking
The split booking feature is also another that we created with hair salons in mind. This allows you to create a booking and then split them into two halves. This feature is good for things such as colours and highlights as it will allow you to split up someone’s appointment for a development time that works best for you. It will also mean you can fit in other appointments in between the colour and finish, therefore making the most of your time!
Site View
For many hairdressers, having client’s message them for appointments out of salon time is a frequent occurrence. Our site view feature allows you to view your calendars from a tablet, phone or computer so you can check your availability even when you’re not in the salon. You can also view reports on this such as cashing up and the day end report! Salon Tracker site view is now available to download on the app store as well as online! Come back for next weeks blog to learn even more about our site view app.
Like we said before, we know retail sales are a large part of some hair salons income. In order to push staff to drive sales many salons use commission as an incentive. On salon tracker we have developed a feature which allows you to set up what commission (if any) you want staff members to get on certain retail and booking items. You can set different commissions for different staff members and also different commission rates for different products. You can then run our ‘Commission By Staff’ or ‘Commission Summary’ report to see how much each staff member has earnt, this will mean you no longer have to sit for hours before each payday to see how much each individual staff member has earnt.

If you would like any information on any of these features or you would like to get booked in for your FREE demo and 2 week trial give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or email info@salontracker.co.uk.

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