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17 Jul 2019

Here's what you didn't know about Salon Tracker!

So I bet you're all curious to find out what exactly it is that Salon Tracker has been keeping from you... well, the truth is; it was never really a secret. Salon Tracker is a software of many features which means that some features often get forgotten about when they can actually be really useful and beneficial to your Salon so read on to find out more!

So first things first... Groups.

Groups is the bit in Admin where you can create a 'group' for pretty much anything! Customer discount groups, deposit groups, Happy hour and different pricing structures for different sunbeds / stylists.

Discount groups - Perfect for if you offer student discount, NHS discount, staff discount or any other form of discount you'd like to give! The client just needs to be put into this group on their client card so that every time they make a transaction it will automatically take the discount off. Easy as that!

Different pricing structures - do you have a lay down bed that you charge more for than your stand - up beds? Or a stylist that has more experience and qualifications than some and charges more? Well don't worry about getting mixed up with who charges what anymore and charging the wrong prices. Our groups can be specifically set up so that only the price for that stylist / bed comes up when purchasing something under that Booking item so you can only select the right price.

Deposits - are you sick of people not turning up to appointments, especially expensive and time consuming ones? Good thing we have a deposits group available! This allows you to select the certain treatments (or all) you want to take deposits from at the time of booking. For example, you can charge a percentage of the total treatment or a set amount which will automatically charge the client before
they can book the appointment. 

Happy Hour - if you have a quiet period in the Salon and want to boost your sales maybe implementing a happy hour is for you! Perhaps a happy hour where if a client purchases a 60 minute course they get 15 minutes free would work? Once set up, like on the example on the left, happy hour can occur once a week or once a day at a specific time frame and will automatically grant the offer! A brilliant and no-fuss way to boost your sales in those quiet times.

Secondly, the bit on the marketing suite you didn't know about...

Reviews! As well as being able to send offers out to your clients via text, you can also send a review request text after their appointment. Best of all, you can actually choose which client to send the text too rather than it automatically sending to everyone.

All you need to do is go to your marketing suite, click on the reviews tab and edit your message in the box. Once done, right click on a past appointment and click 'request review' and it will send them a text from your Salon. You can also make it so that it warns you if you are sending another review text within 12 months so you don't annoy your clients... a brilliant way to boost your social media presence without barely realising it!

Sending and accepting stock orders from multiple sites

Do you have multiple sites that you would love to be able to place their own stock orders to the HQ directly from the software? 

Well, using our stock order forms in management, your staff at each site have the ability to place an order that sends directly to the HQ terminal where the HQ can accept it and mark it as shipped, then allowing the site to accept stock and replenish stock levels. The system also has an 'auto fill' button where it automatically puts in every stock item you are running low of at its 'default restock quantity' level making it a quick and easy task for everyone! 

Annual Charts 

So you may know about the 28 plus reports we have in our reports section of the software, but did you know about the annual charts too? We have a selection of charts available which can show you your most successful months and your least successful months. What the charts work really well with is our marketing section. If you have a month you can see you haven't done so well in such as June in this example, you can then use that information to then do a marketing campaign the following June to try and boost your Sales that month.

The waiting list

Do you have a busy tanning Salon with people queuing out the door for a bed without really knowing who's next on the free bed? Salon Tracker has the perfect solution, add each person to the waiting list and when one of their names goes green, that means they are first in line and can be put on a bed.

No more arguments about who goes on the bed next or losing track!

So if you have any questions about the features I have listed above or would like to get booked in for a bit of training on them, please feel free to give us a call on 0113 350 8230 and we'll be happy to help!

Salon Tracker x 

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