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28 Aug 2019

Freshers week marketing!

Yes you read it right! Freshers week is just around the corner and the cities are going to
be full of new students... And you know what moving to a new city means... they'll need a new salon to go to on a regular which is where you come in!

You might of had the busiest Summer ever with people preparing for their Summer getaways and bank holidays or you may have had a quieter summer due to all these wild heatwaves we've been having. Either way, some new clients are just what you need and here's how you can try your best to get them...

  • Remembering students are on a budget.
As you may well know, Students try their best to limit their spending as much as possible, especially on Salon luxuries. To entice them, offer permanent student discount with a competitive deal such as 20% off all treatments. To persuade them at the beginning, why not offer 50% off first treatments and a welcome night with Prosecco -  because we all know students love a free drink!

  • If the students are on a budget, you can be too!
Your marketing doesn’t have to break the budget. Students aren't interested in flashy marketing and social media adverts, as after all, most of these students may never have heard of your salon and so won’t be a follower of your social networking platforms just yet. To attract this particular market, a simple, good-sized appealing banner in your salon window, decals up and around the University and even leaflet flyer-ing at Freshers’ fair would be enough to bring them into the Salon.

  • Freshers Fayre!
 I think businesses can often underestimate how effective attending the freshers fayre will be for their business. The fayres are full of new and excited students looking for the best offers they can get. If you perhaps had a stand there, displaying your student discount offers and welcome evening, they'd be keen to come check it out. Your stand doesn't need to be expensive either. Simply a foldable table, table cloth and flyers and posters would make the cut but if you wanted to go all out, why not hand out a few freebies? Every student loves a freebie! 

  • Loyalty cards
It's all well and good attracting the students to your Salon for the first few weeks, but how about keeping them as a customer? Once your competition get a sniff of the offers you're doing, there's no doubt they'll do the same which will only result in the students going from Salon to Salon trying to find the best offer. If you introduce a loyalty card where for example after 5 stamps they get a treatment free, it will encourage them to come back again and again for the duration they are at university for and it will also get them chatting to their friends about your amazing salon, perfect! 

I hope this has helped you get prepared for Freshers week, if you have any other questions just let us know via our Instagram page 'SalonTrackerSoftware' -  https://www.instagram.com/salontrackersoftware/ and we'll be happy to help out!

Salon Tracker x 

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