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09 Jan 2020

Feature of the Month - Our New Features!

New Year, New Features!

To start off the new year right we have a brand-new release packed full with new features that you, our customers, have been asking for. For this month’s feature of the month we have decided to give you a quick rundown on all the exciting new features you can expect.

Split Bookings Online
A highly requested feature that is new to Salon Tracker is split bookings online. We created this specific feature with hair salons in mind but this can be easily altered and adapted to work in other types of salons. What this feature does is it allows your customers to split up a booking, to for example, allow room for a development time if they’re getting their hair coloured. This feature allows you to set a development time for certain services which will automatically be added in if any of your customers book a hair colouring online.

Double Payment Sense Terminals
A new feature for our payment sense using customers on the professional package and up is you can now link two card terminals to your salon tracker rather than just one. You can give both terminals names and have them linking to different bank accounts. Then when it comes to a customer wanting to pay, you can select which card terminal you would like to send the payment to. This could work well for many different scenarios for example in a tanning salon who may rent a beauty room out to a self-employed beautician who both use the salon tracker but require card payments to go into different accounts.

View Customer History
One new slight tweak to the system that has been requested from some of our clients is that you can now see a customers recent booking history from the booking calendar. This means you no longer have to go into the customer card to see any recent visits they have had or what service they were booked in for last. This will be especially useful for busy salons on days where all you need is a quick look at your customers details before completing their service.

New Waitlist

A new feature available on all three of our different packages is our new and improved tanning waiting list.  Though our original waiting list will still be there, we have added a new one especially for customers who use the timer view for their sunbeds.  Instead of being at the right hand side of your screen, you are now able to add waiting customers to a list below a specific bed and once its time for them to go on the bed, all you have to do is click a button to move them up to the bed. This allows you to be more specific when giving customers waiting times for each bed.

Double Calendars
Another new feature available on our professional and enterprise package is double calendars. This means, for example, if you’d like two tanning calendars this is now possible. This will be useful for large salons with many sunbeds or salons spread over two floors. This will just help to ensure that calendars aren’t too full and will try to help stop confusion.  As well as being useful for tanning salons, this could also be a useful feature for different salons such as hair and beauty.

If you have any questions on our new features or would like any form of training on these please don’t hesitate to get booked in.
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