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21 Aug 2019

Feature of the Month – User Permissions

This month’s feature of the month is user levels and permissions! This is a feature available with both our professional and enterprise packages.  This helps with salon security and also means you as a salon owner can control what you want your staff to be able to see and also stop them seeing certain things you don’t want them to have access to!
User Accounts
On our professional package and up, you have the option to create all your staff members user accounts. This will help you see who’s logged in at any time and also allow you to view on reports how much each individual staff member is taking and what products they are up selling. You can also assign your staff different user levels, for example managers may have access to more of the Salon Tracker than other staff members.
User Permissions
As well as the staff member group and the manager group, you can also personalise what permissions you would like to give staff members. For example, if you have one set staff member that does the cashing up every night, you are able to make it so only they (as well as yourself) have access to this report. This helps ensure that you have full control over your business and can also keep an eye on what all your staff members

If you’re interested in setting this feature up or if you would like to get any training on how to use this please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
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