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05 Jun 2019

Father's Day Marketing!

Just over a week to go until Father’s Day, how is it that time of year again?! These annual celebrations are always great for salons, as it gives you a chance to put together some promotions and really up your customer count. As with most of our marketing blogs, we’re going to give you some of our top tips on how you can increase your footfall this Father’s Day!

We all know by now that social media has become the most popular method for promoting your salon, and it should be no different for your Father’s Day offers! Facebook and Instagram are the perfect place to get your offers out there, so that both your current customers and potential ones are able to see them. With the ability for people to share your posts, this also gives you a great opportunity to run some sort of competition, in which you ask people to share the post and like your page to be entered. This will massively help to not only share the promotions that you have on for Father’s Day, but it will also help to share your salon and hopefully entice people into booking an appointment. There are plenty of different offers and competitions that you can run, here’s just some examples that we came up with:

  • Put together a few different package deals for different price ranges, that way you’re reaching a wider audience.
  • Offer a voucher or a % off the next time they come in anytime someone books a Father’s Day treatment, that way you can get the customer to return again after Father’s Day.
  • Run a competition for a luxury treatment bundle for a Dad and one of their friends or family members.
  • Put together some of your best-selling retail products into a retail hamper pack, offering it as a cheaper price for buying it as a bundle.
Although just solely posting your campaigns on your Facebook page will still get your customers interested, there is also ways of targeting people that haven’t already liked your page. Across both Facebook and Instagram, you can promote your posts, so you can spend £5 and promote it to say 500 people that fit the category of person you’re wanting to buy your services. You can spend as much as you like, the more you spend the more people your post will reach. This is a great cost-effective way of promoting your offers, as you will only need it to get the attention from a few people in order to make your money back. I would recommend starting off with a lower value to make sure that it works for you, and then you can increase your budget gradually.

There might be some people that just want to keep it simple, and get their dad a gift voucher for you salon. So, if gift vouchers aren’t something that you already offer, it’s definitely something you should look at introducing in the near future. Many people will often first visit a place due to having a gift voucher, giving you a great opportunity to work your magic and make sure that they want to return again in the future. If possible you could even get some limited-edition Father’s Day gift vouchers, just to make it a bit more personalised for the occasion, and this will also help to catch the eye of any potential buyers. 

Although your treatments will be aimed towards Dads, you will more than likely be targeting your female customers, as they are the main buyers for Father’s Day gifts. This is where Salon Tracker can help you out! Our marketing section allows you to segment your customers, meaning that you can send an SMS message to only females or only males. This is great as it means that you can write a more female targeted message and then also send a more male targeted message separately. You can even set an age filter, so that you can target it further to young adults who will be buying a gift for their Dad. SMS campaigns are a great way to directly address the customers that you have in your database, and these can be sent our straight from Salon Tracker. We recommend that you only use around 150-160 characters for the SMS, as this means that people are more likely to read it, so make sure that you get straight to the point! Although email is another great way of marketing your deals to your customers, the open rate is much less in comparison to when you send out an SMS texts. Did you know that over 90% of texts are opened/read within the first 3 minutes! So clearly this is a great way to target your customers and make sure that your salon is full this Father’s Day. Understandably for those of you that own barber shops or work in barber shops it will be much harder to target a female audience through the SMS marketing suite, so I would suggest using social media to do your promotions instead.

Hopefully this will help you with promoting your salon this Father’s Day! If you would like to test out our marketing suite, you do receive 50 free SMS credits when you trial our software for 2 weeks, so feel free to contact our sales team today by either emailing info@salontracker.co.uk or calling us on 0113 350 8230 and someone will be happy to help.

Salon Tracker x

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