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07 Aug 2020

Deferred Beauty Salon Re-opening, Leicester and Aberdeen Lockdown

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all still keeping well!

So another little update from us (Feel like we've been doing a lot of those recently!)

So unfortunately, we received the news that the reopening of contact-service beauty salons was deferred for a further fortnight from the 1st August, and we were given 15th August as the earliest re-opening date. 

And this week we have also seen parts of Leicester have to re-close again, following your re-opening Monday.

Aberdeen also saw a local lock down earlier this week, with salons been forced to close there for a minimum of 1 week too.

Therefore, we just wanted to let all of our clients know that if you are in any of these affected areas, we will continue to, or re-freeze your subscriptions, payments will remain frozen until you can re-open, where we will then credit any pre-paid days for you.

You can still use your software during this time for reports, training and accountancy purposes!

And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team who are happy to help, mon-fri 9-5!

Keep posted on our news page for all updates, where we will also be giving you some tips next week on how to bounceback business post-lockdown.

Until then, stay safe and take care!

Salon Tracker x

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