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06 Nov 2019

Are You Ready For Black Friday?

Black Friday is the most popular day for shopping in the whole year, and it gives salons a perfect opportunity to increase footfall and ensure for a full Christmas Calendar! Black Friday has been known across the pond in America for a number of years, but only recently made its way into the UK. Here’s out top tips on how you can make the most of the weekend!

Gift Vouchers

A great way to get people coming back to the salon is through the use of gift vouchers. According to vouchercodes.co.uk ‘gifts for others’ made up a massive 63% of black Friday purchases in 2016, so this is the market you want to be putting your salon in. A great way to use gift vouchers is by offering your customers an extra amount or something else added in when they purchase a gift voucher. For example, if they bought a £30 gift voucher you could include an extra £5, or if they were to buy a £50 voucher, you could include £10 plus some old stock that won’t sell or is no longer needed. This will make the client feel like they have been rewarded in some way, and will give them more reason to return in the future. You could even state that the voucher is only available to use within certain months, for example when its quieter in January and February.

Package Bundles

At any time of year customers are always going to be on the lookout for any offers or deals you are doing on treatments, and this is especially the case on Black Friday. By offering customers a bundle it not only means that they are getting more value for their money, which increases customer satisfaction, but also helps to fill up your calendar! Even if it’s just smaller bundles such as an Eyebrow Wax/Thread and an Eyelash Tint, or if you’re wanting to offer bundles that take a little bit more time and money then you could offer something like a Facial, Gel Nails and Hot Stone Massage. The main point of the bundles for the customer is that it makes the treatments more accessible, but for you as the salon owner its mainly about increasing your footfall and making the most of the weekend, and even going into Cyber Monday. By using our marketing suite, you could even send out an SMS message to your customers explaining that you have some great package deals available, and this will further help to increase your revenue.


I’m sure most of you have outdated stock or just stock that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of. So, this is a great chance for you to de-clutter your stock room! Little beauty products make for great stocking fillers, so I’m sure any products you may have will catch the eye of your customers. Make sure to present them on the reception desk, so that all customers see them when they enter and leave the salon. For any of you that own tanning salons, I bet you have loads of different sachets, so why not put any that you no longer sell into a bowl and just sell them off for 50p each. With the retail products, if you are wanting to get rid of most of your outdated stock, then it might be a good idea to start selling these cheaper a few days before Black Friday and a few days after Cyber Monday. It also super important that you indicate to your customers the saving that they’re making, to make it even more appealing to them.

Open Earlier & Close Later

Just for this one weekend, it might also be a good idea to increase your opening times to allow for more bookings. Although you’ll have to pay your staff a little bit more, it will definitely be worth the extra cost if it means that more customers are able to book in for treatments. Even if its just for an extra hour or two it will be a massive boost to your overall footfall! This will also help to beat of the competition, as your salon will be open for longer.

Social Media

As I’m sure you all know, social media has become the best place to promote and boost your salon deals. So, this is the perfect place for you to post about any deals you are offering over the course of Black Friday. If you use our online booking system then you should make sure that your offers are available and visible to the customer so they can book in. Or if you don’t have our online booking system, then make it known to the customer that they can message you on Facebook to book, call the salon or pop in and make a booking. You also want sure that you post your offers well in advance to give your customers a better chance of seeing them. Facebook posts and Instagram stories are a great way to tell your customers if you have any remaining slots in your calendar, and will help to further encourage customers to book a Black Friday treat. 

If you are interested in taking a look at the software, we are running a Black Friday offer, in which you will receive 30% off your first 3 months subscription, up to 30% off hardware and a reduced price on SMS bundles. Don’t hesitate to call if you are interested in taking a look at the software on a free demo and 2-week trial, alternatively you can email us at info@salontracker.co.uk

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