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17 Jun 2020

Activating your Salon Tracker in time for your July 4th reopening!

Hi guys, hope you are all still doing well and are looking forward to getting back to business in early July, I know we are!

With the reopening date for salons now fast approaching, we just wanted to keep you updated with what we’re doing towards this date. And as you are all aware, we have and continue to keep your payments frozen until you are authorised to re-open!

Following your re-opening on July 4th, we will then begin to start reactivating subscription payments, taking in to account your credited days that you had prior to the lock-down. You will also receive a 50% discount on your first 3 months resumed payments, to further help you out during this time.

During the next few weeks however, and as we have continued to say throughout this time, we encourage you to use the software to prepare for your re-opening (and also use our help videos as a refresher for you and your staff to familiarise yourselves with our features again). There is no limit for how long you can use the software for, we still continue to provide this service for free until you are able to open again.

We will also have a dedicated team working on Sat 4th July 10-4, and also Sunday 5th 10-2, to support you across your re-opening weekend.

However, as a lot of you won’t have used your software for quite some time, we would advise you to call us at your earliest convenience before 4th July, to get your activation code to reactivate your software (as a lot of you will see that your software is de-active due to our licensing company not being able to connect each month as your systems haven’t been used). This takes around 5 minutes to re-license; therefore, we encourage you to call us as early as possible to minimise your wait time, due to the volume of calls we may receive.

Our team is still around Mon-Fri 9-5 to help with all re-licensing and also any setups that you may require, or please email info@salontracker.co.uk if you want us to provide you with your activation code beforehand - as we can then send you instructions through on how to reactivate your software simply so that you can begin planning for your open date!

Any questions you may have also during this time please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

We’re really looking forward to working with you all again! And until then, keep safe and take care!

Salon Tracker x

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