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02 Jan 2020

2020: The Start of a New Year & New Decade!

Happy New Year! 2020: Not only the start of a New Year, but a new Decade too. Bring on the Twenties!

Our Salon Tracker team would like to welcome you back! We hope you’ve all had a fabulous Christmas and enjoyed the festivities with family and friends.

But now, it’s another blank canvas, a fresh start and a New Chapter! And we all know that January can be a bit of a quieter time for a lot of businesses, but this only provides some extra breathing space for you to be able to spring clean the salon, re-organise your strategy and maybe think about your marketing for this year too. So, it’s time to take down the remaining Christmas decorations and refresh any old stock that you may have lying around and start this month fresh, with a clean new start!

January is also a good time to have a sit down with your team and discuss how the last year went, make sure all of your staff are happy and then make adjustments for anywhere where you think there may be room for improvement. This also then gets all of your staff members involved in ensuring the business is just as successful this year as the last. But not only that, it also ensures that they are happy in the current work environment too, boosting team morale! It’s great to keep your team involved in how business is performing, maybe even create a fun little presentation to talk through how your staff have helped you to achieve success.

A marketing and sales strategy is also great to have, as this is something that you and your team can work towards, and this then provides you with something to measure performance against at the end of 2020! If you need a bit of help with your marketing tactics, our sales team have lots of tips and experience to be able to help you with some campaigns, and if you are a follower of our blog, we are always offering our best advice and promotional ideas. So keep posted on our news page https://www.salontracker.co.uk/News throughout the year for some new tools & tips!

We are releasing a new software version also next week, therefore for any of you that are already users you will be automatically get the new version through auto-updating, so get ready for this in a few days! However, for anyone that is thinking of trialing our software out, keep posted next week on our news page as we’ll be showcasing what our new software has to offer. January is a great time to improve organisation of your salon, and so why not try our software out for a fresh new management system this year. Salon Tracker is FREE to trial for a fortnight, to give you a feel for the system before you make a decision on any packages.

So, we hope that 2020 is a successful year for you and we’d love to help you to boost profits & performance! And so, if there are any sales, marketing or organisation structures that we can help you with along the way just call our team on 0113 350 8230 or drop us an email at info@salontracker.co.uk.

We look forward to working with you, let’s have another great 12 months!

Salon Tracker x

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