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28 Oct 2020

Feature of the Month- Post Delay

Another month, another feature!

This month’s feature of the month is all about out ‘post-delay’ feature. This is a feature that is available on all three of our different software packages and is mainly utilised by our hair salon customers.

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21 Oct 2020

*A Message to all of our customers in Republic Of Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland*

We’re so sorry to hear the news that you have to close your salons.

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20 Oct 2020

How Salon Tracker Specialises in Multi-Site Salon Management

Are you the owner of a multi-site salon business, and are looking for a software system to help you with the management of your salon chain? Our software specialises in the organisation of multi-site salon companies, and therefore we have outlined our main features below that may benefit you, by investing in your own Salon Tracker system.

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15 Oct 2020

*Important Message For All Of Our Customers In Northern Ireland*

We're so sorry to hear the unfortunate news that your salons are being forced to close for 4 weeks from tomorrow, Friday (16th October)

In order to do our best to support and help you during this time, we will be freezing all of your software payments until you get the go ahead to re-open.

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14 Oct 2020

How to market your salon during the Halloween period with the circumstances which is Covid-19

This year has been extremely different for everyone, from how we carry out our daily activities to attending the shops and salons. It has also changed how we are able to spend our beloved holidays, including Halloween, the festival second to the Christmas holiday season. There are still certain restrictions in place which prevent us from attending Halloween events, such as parties and this means that people aren’t attending appointments to have their makeup done for the evening events - therefore there may not be a Halloween rush as large as last years. To prevent these restrictions from affecting your business, it is essential that you market other options to your clients and keep them up to date with any changes in regards to what services you are able to carry out, or if you have to close temporarily. Whether you have our Salon software or not, the ideas listed below will be relevant and worth a try!

In order to maintain functional operation of the salon it is important that the ambience within the salon is high priority, as it can help prompt consumer buying habits. Due to all the distress of the current situation which is Covid-19, doing a good dead such as offering free retail products or when it is Halloween, all employees could wear fancy dress, to lift the spirits of the customers to help create an uplifting atmosphere. Focus on window decorations, make sure there is a theme behind each one and this will ensure that clients are aware you are still able to offer Halloween treatments that oblige by the current legislations.

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07 Oct 2020

How Enterprise Upgrades Helped Our Clients

I can’t believe that it’s now October! Where did time go? This weeks blog is going to focus on how our customers have benefited from upgrading to our Enterprise Subscription. For those of you who aren’t aware, our Enterprise Subscription includes our Online Booking and Siteview features. Over the course of the last few months we have had numerous customers upgrading to the Enterprise package, specifically for the ability to use Online Bookings, which is perfect for adjusting to the new normal.

Since the reopening of salons, we have seen a huge spike in the number of online bookings being made, with many salons introducing a booking only system. Online booking offers customers the flexibility of being able to book an appointment at any time of the day, whilst ensuring that restrictions are in place to follow the Government Guidelines. One of customers has seen a significant growth in bookings since getting the online system, with almost 8,000 bookings being made since the reopening of their salon! With such an increased demand for our online booking feature, we introduced a booking delay time to make sure that with each booking there was extra time being added to allow for cleaning and to adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

There are several other benefits of introducing an online booking system, such as reduced phone calls and emails, as customers are able to book at their own accord instead of contacting you and your team. For those of you that own Tanning Salons, customers are able to see how many minutes they have remaining on their account. Customers also have the ability to see your opening hours and an interactive map view of where the salon is for those that may not have visited before.

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30 Sep 2020

How to make this Autumn your best one yet!

I know you'll all be just as shocked as I am when I say that Summer is officially over and as of last week, Autumn has officially begun! Last week also marked 6 months since the UK was put into full lockdown and everyone's world was turned upside down. Now you are open and in full swing, how about we make up for all that lost time and make this your best Autumn yet? After all, the autumnal vibes are our favourite!


Lets start with a start with a few marketing tips:

Back to School Bundle 

This is one for the Mums and Dads that suddenly have a lot more time on their hands! After 6 months of no school I think all those Mums and Dads out there deserve a bit of a treat... A back to school mini bundle could be a great idea for your salon. For example, offering a package deal with some mini treatments, such as lash and brow tints, could increase your profit and help you gain a selection of new clients that you may not have previously had. Pairing this with a ‘back to school’ pamper day including a range of the different treatments you offer would be a great start as it really encourages them to book for a relaxing day after 6 months that properly felt like a decade for them!


Although Halloween may not be the same this year, it's still a Holiday that everyone loves and why not make the most of it? Advertising early your Halloween makeup pictures will get people interested and make them want to plan ahead. You could even do a petrifying package deal such as Makeup and spooky hair for a set price and why not throw in a Halloween goody bag full of Halloween themed treats or retail products? 

What platforms can you use to get the message out?

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are the top social media platforms to advertise your business on.
Most importantly, they are free! Just a simple post on facebook advertising what you are going to be doing this Autumn will go a long way, followers of the page will see it and following that they may be inclined to share it with Family and Friends which could reach 1000's of new clients. Similar to instagram where you can carry out interactive stories which will engage your followers. You could do a vote story or an answer box story with the caption 'what would you like to see from this salon this Autumn' then not only are you drawing the readers in, but you are also finding out what your target market would like to see! All this client research for free - you can't go wrong. 


Now i'm sure you'll already know that whilst boredom was taking over in lockdown, TikTok the video app became very popular and people all over the world were doing dance routines and make-up tutorials. This extremely popular platform would be a great way for your Salon to advertise their services such as autumnal nails, Halloween makeup and hair styles due to the sheer popularity of the app. I'll work a treat!

SMS Marketing

The advantage of SMS marketing is that you can target specific customers or audiences. For example, if you wanted to target customers who haven’t visited in the last 3 months, you can do this through our filters. Our software has a built-in marketing suite which gives you the opportunity to easily use SMS and email marketing. You can choose client groups or make your own in order to send out your message to the group of people it was intended to. For example: 

Hi << Customer Forename>> 

We miss you! Book in advance for a space for your new Autumn look! 

<<Company Name>><<Company Contact Details>> 

As you see, summer finishing may put a frown on many faces but with these tips you could turn it into an incredible opportunity for your salon and help you get back on track before the year is out!

If you're looking for something to help manage your Salon this Autumn enquire at https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx for your free 2 week trial!

If you already have the software and would just like a bit of free training please feel free to give us a call on 0113 350 8230 and we'll be happy to help!

Make the most of the end of this year!

Salon Tracker x

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23 Sep 2020

Feature of the Month - Editable Siteview

As things are slowly getting back to normal in salons, we thought we’d bring back an old favourite, ‘Feature of the Month’. This month out feature of the month is a new, highly anticipated, one. Editable Siteview.

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16 Sep 2020

Updates for our Salons on new Coronavirus Government Safety Regulations

On Thurs 10th September, it was announced that it is now illegal from 14th September for groups of more than 6 to meet and socialise anywhere in England.

By Friday 11th September, the government also introduced some extra safety measures that apply to all salons, from this Friday 18th September. For all of our clients, we can already cater for the new regulations using the software, as you have the ability to take all details, including contact number/email fields and also the ability to book them in for their appointment (which then tracks the duration of the time they will be in your salon). We are however, in line with these new changes, going to be creating a new report that will outline all individuals that have been in to the salon in any given period, should you be required to contact these clients inline with the current track and trace programme.

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09 Sep 2020

Social Media Tips For Your Salon!

Despite everything that’s happened this year, it’s still flown by with Autumn right around the corner. So, it’s time to gear up for the end of year rush and make sure that your calendar has no blank space! I’m sure you all know the huge benefits of using social media to promote your salon and your services, so today were going give you our top tips for maintaining your social media presence and increase your client base.


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02 Sep 2020

Supporting Our Salons During Covid-19

Supporting Our Salons During Covid-19

The recent and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been a really unprecedented time for us all, especially for the salon industry, as you were forced to close for almost 4 months. This has taken a huge toll on the financials of businesses, with the immediate pause on appointments not being able to take place, and with no forewarning.

When the government announced that all salons had to close, we were all already aware of the ongoing harrowing Covid-19 pandemic, however weren’t all necessarily prepared for the affect that it would have on local businesses as the lockdown lasted for several of the following months. 

For businesses especially in our salon sector and also for the hospitality industry, who rely solely on customers for their income, this took such a large toll on your businesses. And so, from the outset, we wanted to support you (our clients) as much as we possibly could, to ensure that you were able to sustain as much income as possible whilst the pandemic continued. We instantly froze all client’s subscriptions from 23rd March, as it felt morally wrong to charge for a service that you were unable to use, even if that did mean that as a company we also took quite a large hit with income too. But we wanted to do what felt right, and look after our clients which always has, and always will be our number 1 priority.   

We left all payments frozen for the duration of the lockdown, until the government gave the go ahead for salons to open again. Dependent on type of salon and local area, the dates alternated for different salons, however we only resumed payments for each individual business when they themselves were actually able to open their doors.  And with the local lock downs, the subscription freeze remained in place, where we would only charge our clients when they could legally open their doors to trade.

Following that, we wanted to further support as we know currently footfall in salons has not returned back to the usual, first of all due to social distancing regulations and secondly, as the public are still apprehensive about visiting places. So, to alleviate the stress a little we have also offered all clients 50% off their next 3 months after they were able to re-open. We wanted to support during the aftermath of the lockdown, whilst appointment capacity is currently reduced meaning a lot of our salons are running on a reduced number of bookings compared to what you maybe typically used to. Evidently meaning there could also be a reduced income when you still have employee wages to pay!

Aside from supporting with subscriptions however, we also introduced some new features to the software, to help manage the new social distancing measures and make the organisation and running of our salons as safe as we could.

We saw such an increase in demand for our online booking over the lockdown, as a lot of salons opted for no walk-ins. So, for anyone that offers online booking within their salon, we introduced a booking delay time so that for every booking made, an instant gap was placed to allow for essential cleaning and also to adhere to social distancing, ensuring the previous clients had exited the premises before the next client arrived for their appointment. 

We also advanced our Siteview feature, to allow the adding, editing and cancelling of client bookings to be completed using a mobile app, instead of therapists needing to use the main Salon Tracker PC itself. Evidently, this was to stop overcrowding at the main salon reception desk and to allow employees to manage their bookings using their own devices.

And then, for anyone who wanted to trial our software we also extended the same offer to them too!

Then we also offered support & advice on cleaning measures, and to ensure masks/visors are worn (which is now since a government legal requirement). But with the cleaning, we can also ensure that the sunbeds cannot be set for a new customer until it has been deep cleaned with our 'dirty-bed' mode, that stops the integrated timers from being set until the bed has been set as 'clean'. With the cleaning for beauty/hair/nails, we can add any relevant amount of time automatically to an appointment, even if it is booked online, to allow for sufficient cleaning between customers. We then advise where you can you run a 1 way system, with separate entrances and exits to the salon if you can, and also try to get disposable towels (or ensure that after each client you wash towels/gowns on a high degree anti-bacterial wash, as a renewable option).

For any further advise on salon safety or if you would like to discuss any queries you may have, we are always on hand to help, or if you are new to us and are looking to trial the software now back to school is here, get your FREE trial in time for autumn by heading to www.salontracker.co.ukor call our team on 0113 350 8230!

We're so happy to be working with you again and hope the re-opening of your salons has been successful.

Salon Tracker x

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26 Aug 2020

Salon Tracker’s Top Beauty Picks from Lock down.


As lock down comes to an end, one thing that didn’t slow down was new tips and tricks from the beauty world. One of the main sources of these tips was Tiktok, an app many of our sales team spent a little too much time on! As many places are re-opening and life is slowly getting back to normal, we thought we’d share our favourites!

Heatless Curls

One of the hacks our sales team learnt was a new way to do heatless curls, one of the most popular hacks in our office. This is also known as ‘dressing gown curls’ and requires you to wrap your damp hair around your dressing gown cord, gradually adding bits in and then securing your hair at the bottom. You then need to leave this in for a few hours or even over night and your hair will be nice and curled, as though you’ve spent hours on it! This is great as you can do this on a night and by the time you wake up for work in the morning, your hair is basically done, plus you have the advantage of this not damaging your hair.  If you want to see how to do this, here’s a YouTube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBLpOqGWda0

Fluffy Brows

A makeup hack we learnt from tiktok was a new phenomenon called soap brows. This is a quick trick to give you full, fluffy brows using a bar of soap. Whilst you can get a product called ‘brow soap’ which seems to work slightly better, many tiktok users tried this trick with normal hand soap and it seemed to work nearly just as well. To do this trick all you will need to do is start with clean brows and your bar of soap. The you just need to slightly wet the soap and run your eyebrow brush through it. Then brush the soap through your brows in an upwards motion before shaping your brows to the shape you desire.  This will give you natural looking fluffy brows. Here’s a link where you can buy your own brow soap https://www.beautybay.com/p/wes


Fake Tan Contour

Another trick we have learnt over lock down is how to contour your face (and body) using fake tan.  This will mean that you can roll out of bed in the morning with a nice chiselled look, with no time or make up needed.  All you need to do is do your fake tan routine as normal, but after this is done, you’ll just need to grab a makeup brush. Then you can get your fake tan on the brush and start shading in areas that you’d like a little more definition in such as your cheek bones and nose, we’re even seen some people using this to contour some abs and muscles!

Henna Freckles

One running theme with all these hacks is the ‘no makeup makeup look’ and minimum effort on the day to day. This tip is no different. One of the most popular new trends, that comes and goes fairly regularly is faux freckles.  Whilst many people were blessed with natural freckles, there is a handful of us who are unfortunately not. Whilst there are many makeup products that you can use to create freckles on the day to day, one new trick that has come out of lockdown is henna freckles. This is where you use henna to create the faux freckle look and this will last a few days or even weeks! There are loads of helpful videos on how to do this on YouTube and tiktok but we should mention that you need to make sure that you get a trustworthy henna and do a patch test first. Here are some great temporary products you could use instead of henna or to practice with - https://www.beautybay.com/p/freck/faux-freckle-cosmetics-neutral/?ctyid=gb&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItIL3g4K56wIVYIBQBh0wXQCUEAQYASABEgKd9_D_BwE

These tips and tricks helped us through lock down so we hope some of these may work for you too!


If your Salon has just re opened or if you’re getting ready to re-open and you want to be a bit more organised why not take advantage of our FREE two-week trial? Just give us a call on 0113 350 8230 to get booked in now!

Were also going to be at Pro Beauty London on the 10th-12thof October so come pay us a visit there to ask any questions or take a look at our software!


Salon Tracker Team x

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19 Aug 2020

It's been a year!

It has been a very different year to say the least!

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12 Aug 2020

How to bounce back after Lockdown

I know lock-down seems like it never really happened, and it was all just a bad dream but the reality is that it definitely did happen and your Salons were closed for just under 4 months! That's 1/3rd of the whole year! And that also means 33% of bookings, takings and your day to day social interaction taken from you... so what now? How can you make up for that lost time and come back stronger than ever? Well I've got just the tips you'll need, so keep reading! Wait—Now I Should Wear a Mask? > Stories at Yale Medicine

For all you hair, tanning and nail salons, you'll probably have already experienced the initial rush of all your clients going crazy for their first appointment after lock-down to get their short fingernails looking luxuriously long again or more importantly to get their severely grown out roots back a beaming blonde along with finally getting their summer tan and now its been over a month since you opened, you're probably wondering when the next rush will be... well why not try the following:

An SMS marketing campaign!

If you didn't already know, Salon Tracker has a built in marketing suite where you can send your clients a text directly from the software promoting an offer or you can specifically filter out a selected audience of customers e.g customers who haven't visited in a while and send just that group of customers a texts tempting them with an offer of 15% off if they book an appointment in the next month which will bring your clients back in and keep you busy enough too! P.S, if you're not quite sure on how to use your marketing suite, just give us a call on 0113 350 8230 and we'll give you a free training session on it! Or... just head to your Salon Tracker help section and there's a full help video on it.

The classic recommend a friend campaign!

Why not get your loyal customers to rave just a little bit more (than they already do) about your amazing salon but this time do it for a reward! For every friend they refer, why not give them a voucher of £5 to redeem off any treatment or product? This way, not only are you gaining new customers, but you are also encouraging your current customers to visit again! 

Claim that online presence!

In this day and age, having a broad social presence is extremely important as nearly 1/3rd of the worlds population use Social media regularly and social media is the hub of finding a good business, just like yours. Being a young adult myself, I know that all of the places I have ever had an appointment with have been found online - especially Instagram. It is the common trend to get your hair done and post on your feed #newhairday then tag the salon that created this look for you. Not only is this a free form of marketing for you, it is done completely off your clients back shared with all their followers.Their followers will then click on your profile and see all the work you've done and want to book an appointment themselves... which is where having online booking becomes important. Over the past 4 months, our customers upgrading to our online Enterprise package has increased by around 60% resulting in our Enterprise package now being our most popular. You'll find that your bookings will increase dramatically by having online booking as again, the millennial era are much more inclined to book online rather than having to ring up, especially if your social media pages are tempting enough!

For you guys that unfortunately haven't opened yet... beauty salons, aesthetic clinics, lash parlours... we really feel your pain and we are so happy you finally get to open again in a couple of days time! We know you're going to be extremely busy for the next month or so and we know exactly how to best handle it with these following tips:

Make use of your break slots!

Within Salon Tracker you're able to add breaks in not only on the current day but you can also add them in advance routinely e.g 1pm every day meaning that nobody can book an appointment (online and in salon) over that set break which means you'll actually give yourself a break in the busy times to come! To add a routine break in go to Management -> booking items -> click edit on the person you want to put a break in for -> click on breaks tab and click add -> set the type to the desired amount of types you want the break to reoccur. Breaks are essential and you will definitely thank me later!

Encourage your clients to use online booking

Rather than your phone and messages me absolutely bombarded, make it clear that the only form of bookings you'll be accepting is online bookings and send them the direct link making it nice and easy for them. They can also cancel their booking directly from the mobile web app so you can invest all that time into appointments and sorting the Salon! 

Take advantage of the re-book feature

To make sure this big wave of clients isn't just a one-hit-wonder, you should make full use of the re-book button which pops up right after you've confirmed the appointment. You can then book them in for a routine appointment like waxing for 2-3 weeks from the current date and it'll bring you up all the available time slots so there's no room for double booking errors. Better yet, you can print them a reminder in the same transaction! This will put you at ease knowing you're not just going to have one busy month and make it more of a continuous thing.

That's about it for today, if you do have any questions regarding any of the above information then please get in touch on 0113 350 8230 or alternatively email us at info@salontracker.co.uk and we'll be happy to help!

If you do not have the software at all and would like some help managing your busy diary then please do enquire at https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as!

Best wishes,

Salon Tracker x 

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07 Aug 2020

Deferred Beauty Salon Re-opening, Leicester and Aberdeen Lockdown

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all still keeping well!

So another little update from us (Feel like we've been doing a lot of those recently!)

So unfortunately, we received the news that the reopening of contact-service beauty salons was deferred for a further fortnight from the 1st August, and we were given 15th August as the earliest re-opening date. 

And this week we have also seen parts of Leicester have to re-close again, following your re-opening Monday.

Aberdeen also saw a local lock down earlier this week, with salons been forced to close there for a minimum of 1 week too.

Therefore, we just wanted to let all of our clients know that if you are in any of these affected areas, we will continue to, or re-freeze your subscriptions, payments will remain frozen until you can re-open, where we will then credit any pre-paid days for you.

You can still use your software during this time for reports, training and accountancy purposes!

And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team who are happy to help, mon-fri 9-5!

Keep posted on our news page for all updates, where we will also be giving you some tips next week on how to bounceback business post-lockdown.

Until then, stay safe and take care!

Salon Tracker x

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29 Jul 2020

Re-opening of all Beauty Salons!

Since the re-opening of most UK salons on 13th July, we have had the pleasure of being able to speak to lots of you again and help you to re-setup your salons after the recent lock-down. We saw many of our salons in Scotland be able to finally re-open their salons on 15th and 22nd of July too, all our gyms on 25th July and finally our salons in Wales were able to open on 27th July!

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10 Jul 2020

Re-Opening Is Finally Here!

Hi Everyone,

The day has arrived! for most of you the long wait is finally over!!

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03 Jul 2020


Our team just want to wish a HUGE good luck to all of our hair and barbering clients in England who have been lucky enough to be able to reopen again safely tomorrow, and to all of our Irish clients who have been lucky to also open up salons this and next week too!🍀✨

For all of our other lovely clients, we know how hard you have been working too to create a Covid-safe space, so keep positive, your turn will come soon and until then, you are still able to use our software for training and planning for FREE until we have further clarification from the government.

For all of our clients who have been fortunately able to open, your reopening discount is 50% off for the next 3 months, and all pre-paid days from before the lockdown will be credited to further support you during this time ❤️

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25 Jun 2020

A Message To All Of Our Clients Regarding Your Subscriptions When You Are Able To Re-open

Hi All,

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17 Jun 2020

Activating your Salon Tracker in time for your July 4th reopening!

Hi guys, hope you are all still doing well and are looking forward to getting back to business in early July, I know we are!

With the reopening date for salons now fast approaching, we just wanted to keep you updated with what we’re doing towards this date. And as you are all aware, we have and continue to keep your payments frozen until you are authorised to re-open!

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04 Jun 2020

Salon Tracker Webinar: Join us Friday 5th June 11.00am

Hi everyone! Hope you're all still keeping well and looking forward to hopefully being able to reopen in just a few weeks time!

Following our last webinar, we had some questions & feedback about our online booking, as a lot of you are looking to upgrade to utilise this feature, to ensure social distancing remains whilst arranging booking slots for reopening.

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28 May 2020

Could An Enterprise Upgrade Benefit You?

Hi guys, hope you’re all still keeping well and enjoying the glorious sunshine! Definitely making these lock down days that slight bit easier.

For those of you that follow our news and social media pages, you will have seen that we are offering a Welcome back offer from the dates that your salons can re-open. To recap, we will be offering you a discount of 50% off your first 3 months software on reopening. This same offer also applies to anyone who is currently on trial with us, or may wish to trial before 4th July!

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20 May 2020

Salon Tracker Webinar: Join us Thursday 21st May at 11.00am

Morning guys, hope you're all still keeping well and are enjoying this glorious weather we're having right now!

For those of you that joined our last webinar, you'll know that this was just before the most recent lock-down review, where we ran through a few pointers to help for when you are able to reopen. 

We also mentioned that we'd be offering 50% off all subscriptions, for the first 3 months from the date set by the government for reopening. I'm sure you'll all be aware we have since had the update, where the proposed reopen date to work towards is the 4th of July. We’ve had a few questions from clients surrounding the re-starting of subscriptions, and how this date may be different in other UK countries, such as Scotland and Northern Ireland. The 4th July date is a provisional date for some of the UK and therefore if your salon is unable to open that date by law, don’t worry, we won’t be charging you individually until the government gives your area the go ahead! 

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14 May 2020

Planning for your re-open date! We will be offering 50% off your first 3 months re-opening payments!

Afternoon everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous bank holiday weekend and have managed to enjoy a bit of the sunshine today. So, with the bank holiday weekend came the latest government announcement, in which this has suggested that salons may be able to re-open from July the 4th dependant on how the situation is at that time.

As much as that is a couple of months off, at least now this has provided a date to work towards, and get things prepared ready for you being able to open those doors once again?

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06 May 2020

Salon Tracker Webinar: Our Top Beneficial Features and How We Can Help You When You Re-Open! Thursday 7th May 11.00am

Morning everyone! Hope you are all keeping well and are still saying safe! We know the lockdown is tough for your salon businesses still being forced to close, but some positivity is, it’s nearly the bank holiday weekend and, it looks like Friday is set to be a scorcher! So what a great excuse to get out in your garden and relax!

But, before the long weekend, we wanted to bring to you another webinar tomorrow. Especially as the lockdown exit plan is to be reviewed and addressed this weekend, we thought this is a great time to catch up about our software features

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29 Apr 2020

The Essential 5 features your Salon Software should have!

Hi everyone, how are we all? Hope you are all keeping well during this time and are finding some useful things to do to stay productive!

We've recently teamed up with The Salon Magazine, to discuss what we think are the essential 5 features that salon software can bring you, that will really benefit your salon and also your clients too!

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23 Apr 2020

Salon Tracker Webinar: Making A Reserve List For Future Client Appointments and Marketing For When You Can Re-open! Fri 24th April 11.00am

It’s nearly Friday guys! Hope everyone is still keeping well and staying safe at home, at least the recent sunshine is giving us all a bit of a much needed uplift! For those of you that joined our last webinar, we talked you through how to extend expiry dates of pre-bought courses and how to credit existing services. So, we thought for our next session, we’d look at all customers who may have already had an appointment booked with you during this time, that they have unfortunately been unable to attend. How can you ensure that they re-book in with you and also, how you can market 
to all of your clients to ensure they get booked in too.

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17 Apr 2020

Getting your Salon prepared for when you can re-open

Afternoon guys, Happy Friday you’ve made it through another week of lock-down. Hope you and all your families & friends are keeping well during this time. As we all prepare for another 3 weeks of staying at home, we wanted to give you something to think about during this time while you have some spare hours. And so, we’ve put together a few little helpful tips on what you can be doing during the next few weeks, to get your salon prepared and organised ready for when we can return to some level of normality. 

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08 Apr 2020

Salon Tracker Webinar: Extending Course Expiry Dates and Crediting Client Services! Weds 9th April 11.00am

Welcome to Salon Tracker Webinars!

Morning guys, Happy Wednesday! (Just to remind you what day of the week it is! Seems like they’ve all merged in to one at the minute!) But we hope you are all keeping well and staying safe at home during these unprecedented times.

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01 Apr 2020

How to Keep Busy With Your Salon Whilst at Home

Before we get into the blog, just for any our customers that aren’t already aware, we have frozen all payments for your software subscription. We are wishing you all the best during this time and look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

As I’m sure is the case for many of you right now, times are very tough and there’s a lot of unknown and panic surrounding what’s going to happen in the coming weeks. Sadly, no one really knows the full extent of what will happen, so today I’m going to try a highlight a few positive areas and ways in which you can stay on top of your salon jobs and marketing during this time.

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25 Mar 2020

Salon Trackers Top Picks for Hair, Beauty, Nails and Skin Care

For this week’s blog we have decided to let you know our team’s top picks for hair, beauty nails and skincare!
Barry M Nail Polish
One of our top picks for nails is Barry M nail polish. They have a massive range of colours and different formula’s all for cheap and cheerful prices. They have a huge range of normal polishes and gel polishes for just £3.99 a bottle. To make it even better the Barry M Nail line is 100% vegan and cruelty free! You can shop the whole range here -  https://barrym.com/collections/nails
Nivea Tinted Moisturiser
Tinted moisturiser is also a firm favourite in the office. It is perfect for everyday in the office or out and about. Tinted moisturisers, unlike foundations are a lot lighter on the skin and more natural looking. Out top pick is the Nivea one. This comes in a few shades and is available in boots and Superdrug!
Double Wear Estee Lauder
We know that for certain occasions tinted moisturiser just doesn’t have the coverage we need. This is why the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. This foundation is a staple for many of out team as is long wearing and leaves your skin looking smooth whilst still looking somewhat natural. You can shop this here https://www.esteelauder.co.uk/and we’ve also heard that Primark beauty have a great  dupe for this if you’re not wanting to spend that much!
Garnier Hair Food Mask
When it comes to haircare, one thing we love is the Garnier Hair Food Masks. They come in three different scents for different hair types. Even better you can use it in 3 different ways! It can be used as a conditioner, rinse out mask or a leave in conditioner for we or dry hair! You can see the collection here https://www.garnier.co.uk/our-brands/hair-care/ultimate-blends/hair-foodand right now they’re on offer for 2 for £8 at boots so snap them up whilst you still can!
Dermalogica Skincare
Dermalogica skincare is also a necessity in our office. They have a wide range of products for all different sorts of skin types. They also offer a digital skin analysis which helps you work out what sort of skin types you have and what products you may need if you’re unsure. You can shop the collection and work out what your skin needs here www.dermalogica.co.uk
Body Shop Hand Crème
Hand crème is especially important in times like these where you’re hands may be a little dry from all the extra washing! At Salon Tracker we all make sure we’ve got at least one hand crème from the body shops at our desks at all times. There is a range of different scents and also often seasonal scents that are limited edition. You can get yours here www.thebodyshop.com

Due to the current circumstances Salons are facing in the UK and Ireland we have currently put all subscription payments on hold until salons are able to get back up and running. During this time we advise all out customers to keep using their software for any training or financial purposes. We are also looking at running some workshops and seminars so stay tuned for the announcement on that!

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18 Mar 2020

How to keep busy during unfortunate downtime in the Salon

It’s the middle of March already and right now you would probably expect to be on the
horizon of your busiest period of the year in the Salon. But… with the pandemic disaster in full swing, you’re no doubt going to struggle to keep a busy Salon whilst all this is going on. Not to worry! There are plenty of ways you can keep busy in this unfortunate downtime and we’re going to tell you exactly how...

First of all – if you don’t have Salon Tracker, now is the perfect time for a free trial!

Salon Tracker is a very effective way of keeping on top of the Salon in terms of appointments, SMS reminders, marketing texts, stock control, business reports & lots more! Whilst you are having some downtime in the Salon, why not try a 2-week free trial of the software and see how it could work for you? We offer free, unlimited training as well as support and there are no set-up fees. If you’re currently with another software provider, we will transfer your clients from that software in the trial period and will also offer your first 3 months at 30% off for moving from another provider! If this sounds good to you, then just go to https://www.salontracker.co.uk/FreeTrial.aspx and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible to get this arranged for you.

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11 Mar 2020

Business Planning for SS/20

Nearly through the first quarter of the year already! So now is definitely the time to start looking in to planning for the next season, as days get longer and nights get lighter – you want to ensure that your business has a Spring/Summer strategy in place to work towards.

This is also a great time to reflect on the last quarter, to also see where you are against the targets you set yourself for the past 3 months, and how business has been since the New Year. It’s also a good time to measure success against where you were this time last year, and see if you’ve had any improvements. A lot of businesses find that this is also the perfect time for a team night out, to boost staff morale and keep the work place atmosphere up! Quarterly reviews are also a great time to implement any changes that you feel necessary for the salon as we head towards Spring/Summer – maybe it’s a good time to refresh retail ranges and also improve the salon aesthetics in time for the new season.

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04 Mar 2020

Meet the Salon Tracker Team

When Salon Tracker was first built there were only five staff members, six years on and we now have a team of over thirteen people, the expansion is tremendous and will continue through the years. As time has passed, we have welcomed many fantastic new team members. Let’s take a look at each team member working at Salon Tracker currently. 

Toby and Conor are members of our support team, they help the girls working within the sales and marketing team to find a solution when an error or problem occurs. They are always there to support their fellow staff members and Salon Tracker customers and they offer their assistance in all situations which can be difficult. 

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26 Feb 2020

Using Reports To Help Grow Your Salon Business

For those of you that already have Salon Tracker, I’m sure you already know about our amazing reports suite. We have plenty of different reports on the software, from the more basic cashing up report to the more complex reports like sales summary by category, there’s one for everything. Although you might already use the reports to get the figures and information you want, you might not be using them to your full advantage, and that’s where I step in. 

Sales by Hour
Once you’ve had the software for a few months, the reports will be able to give you a more accurate overview. The Sales by Hour is a great report, as it lets you see your peak hours when you’re super busy, and then the quieter periods where business is a little bit slower. From this you could then look to introduce a Happy Hour scheme, as this will help to improve business and revenue during these quieter periods. I mean you might as well give it a try and see if there’s any difference!

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19 Feb 2020

February’s feature of the month – Siteview app

If you already have our software, you’ll know about our especially helpful feature – Siteview. Siteview is an online platform that allows you and your staff to log in from anywhere on their mobile, tablet or laptop and see what bookings they have in for future periods, run reports, charts and a dashboard featuring useful information. Obviously with user permissions you can decide who sees what and limit their view but for the owner of the business, it is the perfect solution to being able to access the software from home giving you that peace of mind that you needed on your last break away from the Salon. 

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12 Feb 2020

How Salon Tracker Can Help Your Hair Salon!

Here at Salon Tracker we are dedicated to ensuring we can help you run your salon in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. For this week’s blog we decided to put together a list of our most popular and helpful features that our hair salon customers seem to love!
Text Reminders
SMS text appointments are one of our most popular features for all types of salons, not just our hair clients. This feature allows you to choose a time period of one or two days before one of your customers appointments for the software to send out an automatic text reminder, without you having to think about it at all! The message will contain information about the customers booking and who their stylist is. This is also a one-way messaging system so you won’t need to worry about customers constantly texting you back.
Groups are another, really useful, quite hidden feature. This feature will allow you to only make certain services available to each staff member. For example, if you have staff members with different abilities or different pricing plans, we can help you create each individual staff member their own services group which will mean that only certain stylists and therapists will be able to book in certain services. This works especially well in salons with self employed staff or staff of different abilities, like apprentices!
My Reports
Another feature which is great for salons with self employed staff or even just staff who like to keep a track of their own profit on bookings and retail sales is our ‘my reports’. These reports will allow each individual staff member and stylist to be able to see reports such as booking and retail sales just for themselves. This is great for security and privacy reasons as staff members will only be able to view their own takings, not everyone else’s.
Stock Management
The selling of retail products is a large part of many different hair salons total income. We have incorporated many different small features in order to help your salon manage stock in the easiest way possible. One feature we provide is a stock control, this helps you keep track of how many of each retail product you have in and makes it clear when you’re running low on certain products. This will help ensure that you never run out of anything! We also offer a stock ordering feature which allows you to order and accept stock through your salon tracker. For more information on this feature go check out our October feature of the month blog > https://bit.ly/2S81IS9
Split Booking
The split booking feature is also another that we created with hair salons in mind. This allows you to create a booking and then split them into two halves. This feature is good for things such as colours and highlights as it will allow you to split up someone’s appointment for a development time that works best for you. It will also mean you can fit in other appointments in between the colour and finish, therefore making the most of your time!
Site View
For many hairdressers, having client’s message them for appointments out of salon time is a frequent occurrence. Our site view feature allows you to view your calendars from a tablet, phone or computer so you can check your availability even when you’re not in the salon. You can also view reports on this such as cashing up and the day end report! Salon Tracker site view is now available to download on the app store as well as online! Come back for next weeks blog to learn even more about our site view app.
Like we said before, we know retail sales are a large part of some hair salons income. In order to push staff to drive sales many salons use commission as an incentive. On salon tracker we have developed a feature which allows you to set up what commission (if any) you want staff members to get on certain retail and booking items. You can set different commissions for different staff members and also different commission rates for different products. You can then run our ‘Commission By Staff’ or ‘Commission Summary’ report to see how much each staff member has earnt, this will mean you no longer have to sit for hours before each payday to see how much each individual staff member has earnt.

If you would like any information on any of these features or you would like to get booked in for your FREE demo and 2 week trial give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or email info@salontracker.co.uk.

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05 Feb 2020

How Salon Tracker Specialises in Multi-Site Business Management

Do you own more than one salon? Did you know that you can control all your salons from one main headquarters with Salon Tracker software! As we specialise in the management of multisite salon businesses, there are lots of specific built-in features designed to suit multiple salon environments.

From organising your customer data, where services & tanning courses can be shared across multiple sites, to systemising your stock ordering; our software improves the day to day running of larger salon branches. So, here’s a few simple benefits that Salon Tracker provides to help the overall running of this type of business:

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29 Jan 2020

Why Salon Tracker Software is beneficial for Educational Salon Academies

Salon Tracker Software is used by a variety of different clients ranging from tattoo parlours to tanning salons and many more. The software can be tailored to meet the needs of each client type for example T-Max integration applies to tanning salons, where as multi tabs is used by college clients to monitor the different skilled levels and classes that each student is within. Online payments can be used for a variety of different clients such as aesthetics, there clients may be required to pay a 10% deposit for lip fillers and any other kind of fillers therefore this feature can be used to ensure this deposit is taken when booking. Tattoo parlours may also use this feature to secure a deposit for tattoo removal and each session for tattoos.

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22 Jan 2020

Valentine's Day Marketing!

Although Valentine’s day isn’t the happiest day for everyone, for many people it’s a day to spoil their loved one (or themselves). This is where your Salon needs to step in and make the most of this day, and there are plenty of ways in which you can do so. There a three simple steps involved in in making a success of this day; planning, marketing and selling. So, keep reading to see how you can upsell your treatments and retail products this Valentine's Day.

Before you can go out and start advertising your deals and offers it’s important to determine which of your services and retail products are going to be most popular for V-day sales. To make your salon more appealing for those looking at treating a loved one, it’s a good idea to bundle a few treatments together and create a special ‘Valentine’s Day Package’. You could do a few different priced packages to appeal to a broader range of people, starting with a couple of services for a lower price and going up to a more premium price and including your more expensive services. The same can be done with your retail products by putting together a few different priced hampers. The key is to figure out which of your treatments will perform best, whether its massages, nails, facials etc.

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15 Jan 2020

What is it that makes us so good at Tanning?

Since we established in 2014 our aim was always to specialise in Tanning and get as good as we can be. On our Journey, not only have we mastered the Tanning software, but we also excel in helping Hair Salons, Beauty Salons, Spa's and Barbers all around the world. 

But what is it exactly that makes us so good at Tanning?

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09 Jan 2020

Feature of the Month - Our New Features!

New Year, New Features!

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02 Jan 2020

2020: The Start of a New Year & New Decade!

Happy New Year! 2020: Not only the start of a New Year, but a new Decade too. Bring on the Twenties!

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20 Dec 2019

It’s the Holiday Season!

Another year down, and 20 years since the Millennium! I know we say this every year but time really is flying, and what a busy year we have had here at Salon Tracker HQ. We’ve expanded our team (again) with 4 new team members this year, and also had our debut at 2 new shows, Beauty UK and Salon International; where we might have had the privilege of meeting some of you face to face. And for any of you that came to Salon Int’l, you might have dropped by our stand for our Champagne Reception, which we actually WON! A great little competition winning for us & you guys, we had such a fun weekend and really enjoyed meeting you all and helping to improve your salons!

We have also enhanced the software massively this year, where we have introduced a lot of new features to improve the usage and really benefit your salon business. Our best features include our new online deposits tool, where salons can now take deposits for any chosen treatment through Paypal, and (we know a lot of you have been requesting this), we have introduced split-booking online! This means that for all of you that require development times to be taken in to account for treatments, such as for highlights, brow tints etc, the online booking will now automatically account for the development time for those treatments, so you’re no longer having to make amendments within the salon once those bookings are made. We will be demoing this for the first time at PB London, which has moved to March next year, so hopefully will be a bit more Spring-like and another great show weekend. Keep posted on our news feed in the New Year for the link to register for your FREE tickets! You may have also seen that we have launched ‘QR Scan’ for online booking registration within the salon, this seems to have gone down a treat in some of our salons already where they have seen their online bookings increase by over 50%! Head to our Instagram @salontrackersoftware to see our board examples!

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18 Dec 2019

Christmas/ New Year Lookbook

It’s now a week till one of our favourite times of the year again… Christmas! Here at Salon Tracker Software we adore everything that Christmas involves from the decorations to the outfits at the Christmas party.  This week’s blog is a look book of some of our favourite Christmas looks, it will also allow you to feel inspired how to decorate your salon.


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11 Dec 2019

Festive Feature of the Month! - Xmas marketing suite

Now we all know that December is the busiest time of the year for Salons which is great but what happens when we get to January and the boom of December has gone because you didn't get prepared or make enough time to do some marketing campaigns in December? 

Well luckily for you, Salon Tracker has a built in marketing suite with plenty of templates and filters already made up, making it super easy to send a simple text to your clients informing them of the offers you'll be hosting throughout January to keep you just as busy as you are in December!

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04 Dec 2019

Upselling in your Salon at Christmas!

3 weeks to go until the big day! How has business been so far this season? Obviously, for most, Christmas is one of the peak times for your sales and getting new footfall in to the salon. But there are lots of things that you can be doing to further increase your profits during this time of year. Here’s a few ideas that we wanted to share with you, to make sure your salon is sparkle season ready!


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27 Nov 2019

How to make the most of the Christmas Rush!

It feels like 2 minutes ago since we were writing our Christmas blogs last year, we can’t believe it is already this time of year again! As we are all aware, the festive season can be one of the busiest times of the year for salons so we thought we’d let you know some of our top tips on how to make the most of it.

Retail Bundles.
One way you could really make the most of the festive season is to create retail bundles with all of the retail products that you already sell. For example, if you are a hair salon and you offer retail products such as shampoo, conditioner and hairspray you could make up small bundles, maybe even knocking a few pounds off. You could then market these as gifts for people to buy their loved ones this Christmas. All you need to do it gather all the components together and put a Christmas bow around them, then they will fly out the salon!
Treatment Package.
Like the retail packages, treatment packages are sure to be a huge hit. Especially at this time of the year where a lot of people are wanting to feel a little more glam ahead of all the Christmas festivities and the yearly office Christmas parties. Selling a group of different treatments as a package deal, with a slight discount will encourage clients to get more treatments than they originally thought they wanted. For example, if you decide to do a treatment package including a manicure, pedicure, spray tan and eyebrow wax. You may find that people who originally wanted just a manicure and pedicure booking this package because they ‘may as well’ because you are offering them such a deal. 
One way to really get you, your employees and your clients into the Christmas spirit is to decorate your salon. This is a really simple and easy way to do this and will (hopefully) put a smile on everyone’s face. You can go all out with a tree, tinsel and fake snow or you could down the more understated route with some fairy lights and Christmas jumpers. No matter which route you feel fits your salon best, this will draw attention to your salon for passers-by and will also help keep morale up in this especially stressful period.
Marketing Campaigns.
A way to encourage your existing clients to book themselves a visit before Christmas is to send them out a marketing campaign. This could be advertising any new offers or packages or you could even do this just to wish your clients a happy new year. Here are some examples we did in Salon Trackers intelligent marketing suite,
Hi <<Forename>>
We hope you have a lovely Christmas and we can't wait to see you in the new year!
<<CompanyName>> <<CompanyTel>>

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20 Nov 2019

Feature of the Month - Online Deposits

It’s time again for another feature of the month! This is one of our newer features that will be coming very, very soon. As the salon world further evolves, it’s only right that we follow suit and introduce online deposit payments. Imagine a salon where customer no shows weren’t a thing, well that could be you! This week’s blog is going to talk through how our new feature will work as well as the many benefits that this can offer your salon.

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13 Nov 2019

Staff Morale and Motivation


No matter what industry you work within if your staff members don’t feel motivated and have low morale then this can create many issues for you as the manager and your business as a whole. With each busy season fast approaching it may become a difficult task to keep employees focused especially when the Christmas holidays are fast approaching. Regardless if they ate long term employees or new additions their efficiency will directly impact the company’s productivity. If staff lack in motivation then the business as a whole is bound to suffer. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure staff morale and motivation levels are at their highest at all times as this is beneficial for your staff, you and the business.

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06 Nov 2019

Are You Ready For Black Friday?

Black Friday is the most popular day for shopping in the whole year, and it gives salons a perfect opportunity to increase footfall and ensure for a full Christmas Calendar! Black Friday has been known across the pond in America for a number of years, but only recently made its way into the UK. Here’s out top tips on how you can make the most of the weekend!

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30 Oct 2019

How your Salon can help Children In Need this year!

Children In Need has come around again and we've only got just over two weeks to get prepared! Here at Salon Tracker, we want to help children in need as much as possible and I'm sure you do too. Your Salon is a perfect platform to raise awareness, with clients coming in and out everyday you're bound to make a difference. If you're unsure how, here's a few ideas on how to get started...

Getting in the spirit

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23 Oct 2019

Feature of the Month: Stock Ordering

For those salons that have a large retail section, whether these be creams, hair serums, moisturising sachets and so on, our software has a built-in HQ stock ordering system that helps to speed up and improve the accuracy of managing your retail products.

Whether you are a single or multi-site salon, we have implemented a thorough system, where an order can be made from the salon itself by any employee, quickly and simply. If you are already familiar with our stock management system, you will remember that we have a ‘low stock quantity’ field (where this amount is chosen by the salon owner) and then we also have a ‘default re-stock quantity field’ for easy re-ordering.

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16 Oct 2019

Salon Tracker's Halloween Hot List!

It's getting around to one of our favourite times of the year again… Halloween! Here at Salon Tracker we love everything about Halloween, from the decorations to dressing up with some funky hair and makeup looks. For this week’s blog we have decided to do you a little look book of some of our favourite Halloween looks and also give you some Halloween decoration inspiration for your salon.

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09 Oct 2019

How to Market your Salon

Salon Marketing

Marketing is divided into two subcategories these are known as online and offline marketing; both have the same objective but achieving the objective is done differently. Some salons have online marketing only other have offline marketing only and many have both marketing types to help promote the business.

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02 Oct 2019

The Benefits of Payment Integration!

Here at Salon Tracker, we realise how important it is for the modern salon to provide the option to pay by card. Therefore, we decided to implement a feature where our customers can link certain card machines directly to Salon Tracker. This way, when you go to confirm a payment on Salon Tracker, once you’ve selected to pay on card our software will directly send the price straight through to your payment machine, which saves a lot of hassle for your staff members. Especially during busy periods.

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25 Sep 2019

What to expect from Salon Tracker at Salon International?

Less than a fortnight to go until one of the biggest salon trade shows of the year, and for Salon Tracker this is the first time that we’ve ever exhibited at this show, so what can you expect from us at our debut exhibition?!

First off, we’ve got a brand-new stand! For those of you that have visited us at a few events before, you may remember our previous stand that we have used for the past few shows since 2015. However, we thought that stand had served us really well for the last 4 years, but it was time for a change and what not a better time than to showcase this at our first time at Salon International - new show for us, new brand-spanking stand! We have also changed our branding over the last 12 months (which some of our main followers may have noticed our new geo-metric theme) and so we wanted something new to reflect that. We can’t wait to show you, and you can find us at stand #T174.

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18 Sep 2019

Our Latest Features

As we approach Salon International, our developers have been working extra hard to make sure that we have plenty of new features ready to show you all! These are some of the main features we’ve been readily working on, but you will also notice there have been a lot of smaller tweaks and updates being made to the software recently.

Online Booking Payments

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11 Sep 2019

How to cope from the salon going from busy to quiet in the working months

What to do during the quiet periods within the salon

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04 Sep 2019

My First Year!

I can’t believe its been a year already! I’m sure many of you have seen me at trade shows or spoken to me on the phone but if not… I’m Leah. I am a part of the Sales and Marketing Team here at Salon Tracker and also a degree apprentice student!

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28 Aug 2019

Freshers week marketing!

Yes you read it right! Freshers week is just around the corner and the cities are going to
be full of new students... And you know what moving to a new city means... they'll need a new salon to go to on a regular which is where you come in!

You might of had the busiest Summer ever with people preparing for their Summer getaways and bank holidays or you may have had a quieter summer due to all these wild heatwaves we've been having. Either way, some new clients are just what you need and here's how you can try your best to get them...

  • Remembering students are on a budget.
As you may well know, Students try their best to limit their spending as much as possible, especially on Salon luxuries. To entice them, offer permanent student discount with a competitive deal such as 20% off all treatments. To persuade them at the beginning, why not offer 50% off first treatments and a welcome night with Prosecco -  because we all know students love a free drink!

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21 Aug 2019

Feature of the Month – User Permissions

This month’s feature of the month is user levels and permissions! This is a feature available with both our professional and enterprise packages.  This helps with salon security and also means you as a salon owner can control what you want your staff to be able to see and also stop them seeing certain things you don’t want them to have access to!
User Accounts
On our professional package and up, you have the option to create all your staff members user accounts. This will help you see who’s logged in at any time and also allow you to view on reports how much each individual staff member is taking and what products they are up selling. You can also assign your staff different user levels, for example managers may have access to more of the Salon Tracker than other staff members.
User Permissions
As well as the staff member group and the manager group, you can also personalise what permissions you would like to give staff members. For example, if you have one set staff member that does the cashing up every night, you are able to make it so only they (as well as yourself) have access to this report. This helps ensure that you have full control over your business and can also keep an eye on what all your staff members

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14 Aug 2019

Get your Salon Back-2-School ready!

So, after a record-breaking sizzling Summer, hotter than most Mediterranean holiday destinations! It’s almost September (countdown to Xmas soon to be in full-swing) and so once you have the August Bank Hol out of the way, it means it’s that time again, ‘Back to School’.

How can you utilise this time at the salon to increase footfall for before the kids go back? First off, you need to start your marketing now, as lots of parents like to sort their back-to-school shopping out early on, and so you want to make sure you’re ahead of your competition when reminding your followers to get their child in for a back to school haircut!

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07 Aug 2019

Best kept Salon secrets!

So our blog this week is one we know you'll all love... why? Because we've done some extensive research to find out what it really is that makes a salon so successful, from the smallest of tips to the biggest of changes; you're in for a treat!

You're probably wondering what these secrets are... and why you don't know them already. The thing is, although Salons are very similar in what they do, they can be very different in how they do things and what works well for some may not work as well for others etc etc. So we've spoken to a number of Salons and gathered together just what it is that they think keeps their Salon so busy regardless of how small or big a thing it is...

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31 Jul 2019

August Bank Holiday SMS Ideas

How are we already coming up to the August Bank Holiday? This year’s flying by. We’ve got just under a month until it’s here, but it’s important that you start planning your offers and campaigns early, to make sure that your customers are aware of them. But don’t worry, we’ve come up with a few different ideas that you can use in order to make sure that you make the most of it.

On Salon Tracker you can create your own custom SMS messages and send them out to all or a specific range of your customers. Or you can use our pre-filtered templates as a guide. The marketing suite is available on our professional package, making it easy to send out messages straight to your customers. For this August Bank holiday weekend, we thought we would help you out, here’s a few different SMS messages that you could send out to entice your customers:

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24 Jul 2019

Utilising Instagram for your Salon!

When it comes to running a Salon, we know that it can be difficult trying to showcase your work to potential customers and also keep up your social media presence. Here at Salon Tracker we believe that Instagram is a salon owners’ best friend.  This is because you can use it for things such as: showcasing your work and salon, interacting with customers and also bring in new customers.
Showcasing your Work
Instagram is a great way for your salon to display your work. For example, if you have the customers permission, you can post pictures to your Instagram. This will then enable others to see the kind of work you do and will therefore entice them to go and book and appointment with you. Be careful to only post your best work as having a constant flow of posts, multiple a day, could be seen as annoying by some customers which may then deter them from coming in. However, this will rarely be the case and showing off your work on Instagram will help you grow your following as a business.
Some of our fave Instagram feeds from our customers are @glamourforever1 and @fiftyshadestanningsalon

These Salons do great in showcasing some amazing work making all us here at Salon Tracker want to pop in for a treatment!
Communicating with Customers
Instagram is also a great way for you to communicate with your customers on a more personal level.  This could be from you encouraging engagement on your pictures to you replying to their comments.  This will help your customers view your salon as a friendly place and will mean they feel more inclined to keep coming back.  Also, from an outsider’s point of view, if they see a salon page actively talking and communicating with their existing customers, they will be more likely to visit that salon.

Client Sharing
Instagram is also a great platform for your customers to share your work with their friends and followers. By them sharing pictures of treatments they have had in your Salon and you actively encouraging them to mention or tag you in these, this means that more people will be seeing your work and therefore may be encouraged to visit your salon.

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17 Jul 2019

Here's what you didn't know about Salon Tracker!

So I bet you're all curious to find out what exactly it is that Salon Tracker has been keeping from you... well, the truth is; it was never really a secret. Salon Tracker is a software of many features which means that some features often get forgotten about when they can actually be really useful and beneficial to your Salon so read on to find out more!

So first things first... Groups.

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10 Jul 2019

Feature of the Month! E-Signature Pad

As we go through Summer, we know that this is a really busy time for you guys in the salon. Sometimes, that increase in footfall takes over and you can struggle to manage the admin side of your appointments. Especially those of you that offer treatments that have age restrictions or require patch testing beforehand, as you then need signed customer consent prior to allowing these treatments to be booked. Especially with the new GDPR legislations, you have to ensure that you record this information in a secure way too, in which if you were used to having disclaimers slotted away in filing cabinets – it is essential to ensure that the security of these follow the latest laws.

And so that’s why for this month we wanted to discuss our ‘Signature-Pad’ with you.

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03 Jul 2019

Why Are Reviews So Important To Your Salon?

How much more likely are you to try something because your friends recommended you it, or because you’ve read some good reviews about it online? Well, I know I am! Knowing that people have had a good experience somewhere always gives people the confidence that they will have the same good experience too. For the most part, getting reviews from your customers will only boost your salons overall profile, however there can be the occasional one that will do the opposite, but don’t let this worry you, there are plenty of ways around these. But let’s start off with why reviews are so important to boosting your salons footfall…

In the last 5 or so years, the way we search for salons has massively changed. The first thing most people do is Google a salon and have a look at their social media, Facebook and Instagram being the main two. In fact, around 75% of people will go online to find a business before deciding whether to visit it or not. Facebook in my opinion is definitely the best place to market your salon to both your customers and any potential customers that are interested in your services. It not only gives you a platform to post any updates, pictures and offers, but also is a place for your customers to leave reviews (hopefully positive ones) on their salon experience. There are also the classic review pages like Yelp, Yellow Pages and Google. Although the perfect scenario would be that you have tens or even hundreds of 5-star reviews, this will more than likely not be the case. If anyone does leave a negative review regarding your salon, it’s essential that you reply to this to resolve any issues asap and make it known to any potential customers that it has been resolved.

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26 Jun 2019

Reviewing Business for the past 6 months, Mabo Client Conference and how we utilise training days to impact the workplace!

We’re almost at the end of the first half of the year. How has the last 6 months been so far for you? We know that it’s a bit different to last Summer, where we had scorching temperatures from early on, this year’s not been so good weather-wise but hey ho hopefully it’ll pick up! Has this affected your business differently though and meant that you’ve seen a bit more footfall than you’re usually used to over Summer?

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19 Jun 2019

Feature of the Month - Siteview on Holiday

As we enter the prime holiday season, I’m guessing that many of you will have a holiday up and coming?! Although when you’re on holiday you want to be away from all of the busy work stress, there must be part of you still that wants to know what’s going on in your absence. So, for this feature of the month we’ve chosen Siteview! For anyone who isn’t sure on what Siteview is, it’s a great feature for salon owners as it gives access to the systems reports, the calendar and the overall dashboard.

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11 Jun 2019

Q&A time!

Have you got unanswered questions about Salon Tracker you'd like to know the answer to? Lucky for you, we created a Q&A session on our Instagram last week and I've pulled together what we think were the best questions asked!

Question 1: Does your software send appointment reminders?

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05 Jun 2019

Father's Day Marketing!

Just over a week to go until Father’s Day, how is it that time of year again?! These annual celebrations are always great for salons, as it gives you a chance to put together some promotions and really up your customer count. As with most of our marketing blogs, we’re going to give you some of our top tips on how you can increase your footfall this Father’s Day!

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29 May 2019

Salon Tracker’s Best Festival Picks for 2019!

Festival season 2019 is right around the corner and here at Salon Tracker we’ve been loving all the new looks that we’re sure will be showcased at all the festivals this summer. We have decided to put together a look book with all of our favourite up coming trends to give you a little inspo!

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22 May 2019

Utilising Holiday Season and Summer Events to Promote your Salon!

Only 1 month to go till the longest day of the year, and the official start of Summer, this year’s flying by don’t you think! So, as we step in to Summer and everyone starts to plan their vacay’s, we thought we’d offer you our best ideas to put some simple sunny tips to get you in the right direction for a seasonal success!

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16 May 2019

How to make the most of Prom and Wedding Season!

One of the busiest, most hectic times of the year for salons is fast approaching as prom and wedding season is upon us. Here at Salon Tracker we have a few helpful tips and tricks in order to help you manage and make the most of this time. 

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08 May 2019

Effective Salon security with Salon Tracker.

I’m sure the matter of your own Salon Security has crossed your minds multiple times; wondering if your customer data is actually safe and if your staff care about the well-being of the Salon just as much as you do… especially if you’re still old-school and use the paper diary as a way of organising your salon and a filing cabinet for all those disclaimers!

Well worry no more, Salon Tracker is cut out to keep your Salon more than secure and here are the reasons why:

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01 May 2019

May Feature of the Month - My Reports

It’s 1st May, how time flies! Almost half way through the year already and about to enter one of the busiest times for Salons. So, with this in mind, we have tried to improve our features for you to stay in control of your business and be able to track sales data easier during peak times.

For those of you that have had our Salon Tracker Professional package for a while, you will be used to our advanced reports section, where you can view information on anything from takings, to stock levels and the productivity of each of your employees. And for any of you that are on our Enterprise package, these reports are then visible online where you can log on to our site view app and run them, 24/7, from anywhere you like!

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24 Apr 2019

What to Expect From us at Beauty UK and Our Show Tips!

If you don’t know already…we’re exhibiting at Beauty UK this year! For the past few months we have been working on a number of different features, and we can’t wait to show them to you at the upcoming event. If you’ve never been to one of these shows before, it can be quite daunting at first, purely because of the vast number of people there. But I can guarantee that it’s definitely worth the visit! You’ll be able to not only have a demonstration of our Salon Tracker software and ask any burning questions, but you’ll also be able to have a look around hundreds of other exhibitors and even get some great deals!

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17 Apr 2019

How to manage a busy tanning Salon this Season!

As we get into the spring and summer months, here at Salon Tracker we know that there will be an increase in people desperate to get that pre summer tan. With this in mind we know that tanning salons and sunbed shops will be getting a large increase in customers in this time.  Due to this we decided to share with you our little tips and tricks on how to manage your tanning salon during these busy periods.

Online Booking
Online booking is a great feature to have in your salon, especially in these busier periods. As your customers are pre booking beds and are choosing what times they want to be going on, this means there will be a shorter wait time. This will make the busy tanning experience more enjoyable for both your customer and staff members. This is because customers will no longer have to wait ages for a bed whilst it will also mean staff are less stressed and will therefore be happier when they’re at work.

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09 Apr 2019

2019 Spring Style

I know you're all probably wondering how we got to spring so quickly and where did those 3 Months since Christmas just go?! Well there's no time to dwell... Spring is upon us and we are loving some of the styles that are IN this year. 

We've got some budget fitting styles we think you're going to love just as much as us, and we've even included the link to make it that bit easier for you.

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03 Apr 2019

Bank Holiday & Easter Marketing

Well aren’t we a lucky lot, 3 Bank Holidays coming up, weeks apart from each other! Easter is really late this year, but sometimes that’s a good thing for salons, as it’s further in to the Spring months and so you can really push your new season products. You always have the footfall in Spring/Summer anyway, and with all of these Bank Hols thrown in, it’s an extra Marketing freebie for you to use to your advantage.

There’s lots of ways that you can advertise and also run some mini salon-events/promotions around Easter and Spring Bank. Plus, over the past few years through our research and speaking to people, we’ve heard that it’s not always about Easter eggs, people actually apparently now get Easter gifts - bonus for your salon’s retail sales! But also, a great time to introduce friends and family events, as we all know the Sunday’s of any Bank Holiday are prime-time for going out! You could create pamper packages for the girls and grooming kits for the guys, or couples’ sunbeds (depending on what type of salon you are) – but you get the idea.

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27 Mar 2019

How Online Booking Can Help Tanning Salons

As we know with winter finally coming to an end and spring arriving, it will officially be tanning season before we know it. Here at Salon Tracker we know how busy tanning salons can get at this time so we have many technicians and developers working on new ways we can help with the running of these salons. One feature we have come up with to help is online booking and we feel there are many ways in which this can help with the running of your Salon.

Shorter Wait Times

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20 Mar 2019

Mother's Day SMS Marketing!

With Mother’s Day being right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity for you to up your marketing game and make the most of this annual celebration. There are plenty of different ways that you can market to your customers, but today were going to focus of SMS campaigns. So, we’ve put together a few different examples of campaigns that you can send out to your customers.

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13 Mar 2019

Feature of the Month: Smart Stock Management!

As we approach the busy Spring and Easter period, we just wanted to highlight one of our in-built management features that can really help you with the organisation of your salon during peak seasons. So, let’s talk Stock-Control!

Presumably, you all run stock takes on a regular basis to check that your inventories match up. Whether this be on paper, or through your own current stock-management system, it is imperative to be on top of this within any business. However, by using a barcoded, computerised solution, this can improve the accuracy of your stock-control methods and have a whole range of other benefits too.

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06 Mar 2019

How we can help manage multi-sites.

Have you got more than one branch and want to know how you can manage all of them successfully? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place and here’s why…

· HQ licence – Here at Salon Tracker we have the ability to provide you with another
licence of the software where you can access all of your sites from the comfort of your own home. This copy of the licence is exactly the same as the ones at the shops so you can do everything as you would be able to do in the shop; this includes: making bookings, editing bookings, cancelling bookings, running all reports, marketing campaigns, staff rotas, stock checks and managing client cards without having to visit every salon… perfect!

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27 Feb 2019

Get your Salon Spring-ready!

Hello, hope everyone had a lovely weekend in the sun! Or if you were at Professional Beauty London, like us, then we hope you made some good purchases for the salon!

Speaking of this unseasonal sunny weather, we thought it’s about time we had a chat about Spring and how you can use the next few weeks to ensure you salon is Spring-ready! With the weather being as it is, Spring might not be as long away as we thought! So, what can you do to be prepared?

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20 Feb 2019

Feature of the Month - QR Codes

Of course, having a busy salon is what every salon owner wants, but when you have a queue out of the door it can be difficult to spend 5 minutes registering a new customer. This is where our new and upcoming feature will make your lives much easier. For anyone that isn’t sure on what QR Codes are, they’re similar to a barcode, and will enable your customers to easily visit a specific link just by scanning the code. You’ve probably seen them before in shop windows or on advertising boards. Our new QR Code integration will allow our Enterprise subscription customers to give customers the ability to easily register their own customer account online on their phone. Below is an example of one that you could have in your salon. Most smartphones work with the QR Codes, as you can see using the camera on iPhone will bring up the website immediately for the customer just from holding the camera over the code. 

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13 Feb 2019

Getting Ready for PB and what to expect from Salon Tracker at the show!

Its less than 2 weeks until we will be exhibiting on stand W28 at the Professional Beauty London show! We thought we’d put together a little blog to let you know what to expect from us at the show.

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07 Feb 2019

All the social media and marketing tips you'll need to make 2019 your best year yet!

So the long Month of January is finally over! I hope you've had a good month (as good as it can be in January)... but if you haven't had such a good month and you're worrying about what next steps you should take; consider going on a marketing spree and the results will follow for a better February and March. Carry on reading to find out some of our best tips!

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30 Jan 2019

Valentines Promo and our Gift Guide!

Valentines Day is right around the corner with many people wanting to treat their significant other, meaning great business for salons. There are many different ways that your salon could optimise the surge in demand for your services and we through we’d also throw in a few of our gift ideas.

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23 Jan 2019

How Salon Tracker Can Benefit Busy Colleges

Are you a college looking for 
software to manage your busy 
Beauty, Hair or Barbering academy? Here at Salon Tracker we know how hard it can be managing all those customers, students and appointments in just one paper book… Crossings out here, ripped pages there and missed appointments everywhere! So, we’ve come up with a tailored service especially for Colleges like yourselves, which will make your life so much easier.

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16 Jan 2019

How to Utilise Quiet Periods in the Salon

This time last month I’m guessing you were rushed off your feet, and now maybe not so much... For many of you, January tends to a quieter month where sales can be quite slow, so this is where you need to use all the marketing tools you can to ensure that you’re still generating those sales. January also gives you the time to re-evaluate your salon, this could be by updating the pricing, looking at new services and retail products you might want to introduce, giving the walls a fresh lick of paint and just reflecting on the last year to see what you could do even better!

There are multiple approaches you could take in your quiet periods to really boost those sales: 1.Aim to get new customers in 2. Reward you most loyal customers 3. Target those that haven’t visited your salon for a while 4. Refer a friend.

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09 Jan 2019

Feature of the Month: Annual Charts

Hello, Happy New Year! How has everyone’s first week back been? Hope you’ve all caught up from Christmas and are back in to the swing of things!

We know you’ve had a busy few weeks, but have you managed to squeeze any time in to sit down and start planning yet for 2019? A new calendar year is always a good time to look over your business performance from the last 12 months and is a great way to organise your KPI targets for the upcoming year.

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02 Jan 2019

Hello 2019!

Happy New Year! Hello and welcome back everyone, hope you’ve all had a fabulous Christmas and enjoyed the festivities with family and friends!

But now, it’s business as usual and we all know that January can be a bit of a quieter time for us, but what not a better time to create a plan of action to ensure that you have a successful 2019! It’s also a great time to have a spring clean and re-organise the salon, as there’s nothing worse than having leftover Christmas accessories and old stock dotted about at the start of the New Year. You need a fresh space for a clean positive start.

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21 Dec 2018

Happy Holidays!

Another year over! I think this has to have been one of the fastest years for us, I mean I know we say this every year but this one in particular seems to have flown by! For us here at Salon Tracker, we’ve had a jam-packed year; we’ve done 2 shows, expanded our team with 3 new staff members and also brought lots of new useful features to the software along the way (which some of you may be taking advantage of already).

To mention a few feature requests that we have introduced- we have brought to you our upgraded tanning waiting list, improved touchscreen display, a brand-new Salon Tracker colour theme and we made a few tweaks to our calendars too - to make life easier for those of you who have lots of different types of service categories!

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19 Dec 2018

Salon Tracker's Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas!

Less than a week to go! Can you believe it?
Here at Salon Tracker we know all about that last-minute dash we all go through to ensure we have everything ready for the big day. And so to help, we have decided to compile a list of our best last-minute present ideas!

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12 Dec 2018

Feature of The Month - New Years Marketing

Now we all know that January tends to be a slower month for most salons, with people having just spent like crazy in December it tends to be that everyone wants to save and not spend money on themselves. So, given that, we’ve come up with some SMS marketing campaigns that you can send out to make sure that your January isn’t too dry.

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05 Dec 2018

Utilising your xmas profit for New Year budgets

I think we’d all agree that January is the longest month of every year. It’s cold, we’re all running low on funds and the one thing we’ve been looking forward to all year is over -(Christmas). So how about we make your January a little more exciting this year and give you a rundown of how you can take a little of Decembers joy with you into dull January!

I’m sure you’re all aware that December is booming with appointment after appointment meaning your revenue is more than likely double your average month! Yet once all the festivities are out of the way and everyone sinks back into reality it might almost appear like a ghostl town in the Salon. Well I’m about to tell you how you can turn that around by investing the extra profit from the run up to Christmas in all the right ways.

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28 Nov 2018

Getting your Salon Ready for Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner again! Can you believe it?
It feels like just two minutes ago that we were saying this last year. With this in mind here at Salon Tracker we want to share with you all our top tips on how to get your salon ready for the festive season. This one of the busiest times of the year for many salons ensuring you’re doing the right things to draw in customers and optimise your profits is very important.

Decorating your salon in a festive way is sure to draw new and existing customers into your salon.  Decorations such as lights, tinsel and Christmas trees will catch the eye of passers by and encourage them to come into your salon.

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21 Nov 2018

Feature of the Month- Our New Touchscreen Features!

As we all know the technology world is changing and more and more people are opting for touch screen pc devices rather than the more traditional mouse and keyboard operated desktops. Touch screen devices have a range of positive features which make them very much adapted for use in a busy salon. They have the bonus of being very quick to use and also easy to train on for new members of your salon team who are trying to get to grips with how your salon is run. They’re also a lot more compact than a desktop pc which means they won’t take up any unnecessary room in your salon. With this in mind here at Salon Tracker we wanted to make our system as user friendly as possible so we have made a few changes to our system to make it easier to use for our clients that are choosing this type of device for their salon.

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14 Nov 2018

Black Friday/Cyber Monday, our ideas to ensure you boost your salon sales this season!

OK so Bonfire Night is out of the way, it’s time to look towards the nations next big event, BLACK FRIDAY! It’s retail heaven, a client’s dream, where it seems most businesses across the globe discount their entire merchandise by a significant amount (the tradition is 30%) for 1 weekend only – typically running from that ‘Black Friday’, ending the following ‘Cyber Monday'. Cyber Monday is apparently the day to get your online deals, however, as online shopping seems to have overtaken the traditional in-store method, most retailers now begin their online discounts in line with the Black Friday start date (if not before!).

So, this year it has fallen on Friday 23rd November, slightly earlier than last year but it still gives you a good week and a half from now to get organised if you haven’t yet done so. Get advertising, shout about your deals as early as you want because as the day is renowned for the discounts, all your customers are going to be doing their research early to see which of your products are in the deal. I know normally we don’t shout about you guys giving discount, as we feel there are other more valuable ways to attract customers and keep your business value reputable. Black Friday however is an exception, this is the day to discount and flog all of your stock the best you can.

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07 Nov 2018


I’m guessing most of you will know what Movember is and what it is for, however for those of you that don’t it’s an annual event during November where people grow moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues. This is a great opportunity for your salon to support a great cause, especially for barbershops. Here at Salon Tracker we’ve compiled a list of some different things you could do in order to raise awareness and money for Movember this year.

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31 Oct 2018

No tricks involved, it's the 31st of October!

Halloween is very much upon us and that means it is finally time to get your spook on! If you're in need of a few ghostly ideas then you're in the right place. We've gathered a load of looks off Pinterest we absolutely love!

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24 Oct 2018

Feature of the Month - Columns!

For the past few months, the developers behind Salon Tracker have been reviewing the software looking for ways to make the program easier to use. The bookable item columns are the main feature on the booking calendar and take up majority of the screen. Although there is already features available to make the columns bigger or so that the user can see all their columns at once, this new settings feature allows the user to change the viewing of the calendar to working staff members only. This relieves the calendar of unavailable staff who aren’t working that particular day, so now if a staff member calls in sick, their column can be hidden entirely from the calendar, making more room for the available columns and bookings.

So you’re probably wondering what happens to the bookings which are in the column the user wants to hide? The user can move any appointments from that column by dragging the booking in to another column with an available time slot. The developers are also

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16 Oct 2018

Salon Tracker's Top 10 Prep-tips for PB North!

1. Travel and Hotels, check!

Traveling from afar? Sorting your travel and hotels early is essential, as you don’t want to get caught up close to the time with expensive train journeys and a hotel miles away from the venue! Not to mention, pricing. Accommodation and commuting services are always so much more expensive around an event, especially in a premium city like Manchester, therefore to secure a good deal close to the event space, make sure you have this booked in good time! 

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10 Oct 2018

Spooktacular Halloween Marketing

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Halloween is right around the corner again! This is a great chance for you to get your creative brain on and do some Spooktacular marketing 🎃. We’ve compiled together a few ideas that you can use this Halloween, carry on reading to find out all our tricks and treats for your salon marketing! 

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03 Oct 2018

Goodbye Summer, hello cosy seasons!

So, we’ve had the very best of Spring and Summer… sensational football, glorious sunshine and BBQ galore but now it’s time to get the cosy blankets out, put the kettle on and prepare your Salon for the Autumn and Winter months to come.

We’re quickly approaching the joys of spooking Halloween and festive cheer and I think you all know what that means… a busy, none-stop salon most of the time. So, if you’re wanting a few ideas on how to take some of the weight off of your shoulders when it comes to managing the Salon this year… you’re in luck! Below I’ve listed 5 useful suggestions and ideas to get you started.

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26 Sep 2018

Improving your Salons Online Presence

apple, computer, cupAs we all know social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a great way to market your salon. As well as being one of the cheapest forms of marketing, it is also one that reaches a wide audience so more and more potential clients will be aware of your salon. Whilst having social media accounts for your salon is all well and good, the larger your online presence is, the more potential customers will hear about your salon. So, here are some of Salon Tracker’s top tips on growing your online presence!

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19 Sep 2018

What to expect from ST @PB!

Only a month away from PB North in Manchester central, the biggest trade show in the north of England! Here’s what to expect from our Salon Management Software for the end of this year.

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12 Sep 2018

September Salon Tracker Feature of the Month: Advanced Deposits

Ever get frustrated with people not showing up to appointments, even when you’ve sent them a text-reminder message that it seems that they’ve completely ignored? Do you think that people would react the same if you added a little upfront pre-pay rule to their booking? We’ve enhanced our software by advancing our upfront deposits system, to help you to clamp down on people missing their appointments once and for all. Especially with Peak season, Christmas, being just around the corner, your calendars are going to be booking up fast with festive appointments and so you really don’t have time to waste with no-shows! That’s why for September we’ve chosen ‘Advanced Deposits’ as our feature of the month! So how do our deposits work?

You have a few different options when it comes to setting the rules for your deposits. So, if you want to take a set value amount for every treatment that you offer, we have a simple way of implementing this. Or if you want to do specific percentage deposits for a certain range of treatments; so, for example say that you wanted to just take deposits for all treatments that are over say £50, we can also set this up as a rule for you using our product-group permissions feature. You can also set a flat-rate deposit, or a minimum and maximum value dependent on the price of the treatment, therefore the feature is extremely flexible depending on how you wish to run this in your salon.

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05 Sep 2018

It’s been a year!

And what a year it’s been! I’m sure we’ve had the privilege of speaking to the majority of our clients already but if you haven’t spoken to us yet… we’re Christie and Naomi, part of the sales and marketing team at Salon Tracker, and degree apprentice students!

Naomi started just over a month before Christie, at the start of August, and this tends to be our more off-peak season; which meant that the first few weeks were focused on picking up the ropes and learning all of the aspects to the job. However, since around the time that Christie started it has been none stop (with it being our peak season) so this has lead us to where we want to be, therefore allowing us to progress and develop further. When we first started we both don’t think we really realised how hard it would be to pick up the role of the job and be able to answer a call without having to double-check answers from our manager Nicki. But once we got closer to the end of September, we found that it was much easier to manage clients of our own and new enquiries, without having to hold to find out more information. We then worked up the courage to deal with more difficult tasks and by Christmas we were flying through our day to day responsibilities.

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29 Aug 2018

Feature of the Month - Autumn Marketing with Salon Tracker Software

With summer coming to a halt and the Autumn months fast approaching, you’re all probably tired of hearing the phrase ‘Back to school, back to normality’ but that’s exactly what it is. Here at Salon Tracker, we want to share with you some of our top tips for marketing your Salon effectively this season.

The Autumn season leaves plenty of opportunities for some great campaigns for you to take advantage of in your salon.

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22 Aug 2018

My Glam Camping Essentials

Doesn’t the idea of sleeping under the stars sound enchanting? If you’re not the biggest fan of camping, I might have a suggestion for you…

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15 Aug 2018

Have you discovered this product yet?!

So, I think you’ll all agree that it has been an outstanding Summer so far. Record breaking temperatures for weeks on end with very little rain in sight… however; sadly, we are coming to the end and soon the woolly scarves and hats will be coming out as we forget what the heat on our skins felt like.

No doubt, you will have caught a tan, whether that was done with safe use of a sunbed or just spending time outdoors - my guess is that you’ll want to keep that tan as long as possible.

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08 Aug 2018

Top 10 Tips To Enhance Your Salon's Social Strategy!

Social media should be your number 1 marketing and communication platform for the salon; as according to Statista, "over 2.62 billion people are users of social media world-wide, with around 2169 million people having an active Facebook account alone." It is therefore imperative that your business has a social media profile, as if not you could be missing out on a HUGE market! However, it doesn’t just take you having a business profile to ensure that your networks are seen. You then have to use your social media tools wisely, in order for you to ensure maximum engagement and post reach to the online market. So, here are our top 10 tips to make sure your social strategy improves your business and brand awareness.

No 1: Always have a current profile photo, cover photo and bio

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31 Jul 2018

How to look your best at a festival on a tight budget

It is finally peak festival Season - what you’ve all been waiting for since approximately… the end of last festival season! As you’re all aware of the remarkable summer we’ve had so far, I’m sure you’re even more aware of the damage it has done to the majority of the UK’s bank accounts. Football at the pub 4 times a week, holidays, takeaways - because it’s just far too hot to cook in this weather. Am I right? But unfortunately, the footballs off, we’re coming to the end of a sun-filled summer and it’s time to start focusing on our future festivals. Only now, you’re on a strict budget.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you sorted as I’ve hunted some of the best festival-look bargains there is on the internet, and you’re going to love them.

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25 Jul 2018

5 Things You Didn't Know About Salon Tracker

We had too much choice for our feature of the month for this month so we have decided to mash 5 of the most unknown, amazing features that Salon Tracker has to offer.

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17 Jul 2018

How to get the perfect work-life balance in your busiest months

I know that being a Salon owner is tough work, especially over the Summer. And i'm probably right in guessing that the image on the left is much more relatable than you thought? You get carried away and end up spending 23 hours a day working instead of setting aside valuable time to relax, socialise and do the things you love.Now is the prime time to turn it around and start enjoying work whilst enjoying catching up with friends and taking up hobbies all at the same time.

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11 Jul 2018

Reviewing your Salon Business for the first half of 2018

Hello, how’s everyone enjoying this gorgeous sunshine?! What an oh so fabulous Summer we’re having! Saying this, how has business been for everyone so far this season? We’ve heard mixed thoughts from our clients, with some saying it’s been so much quieter than the average Summer. However, some have said that this year has been great for up-selling their retail products, as more and more clients are looking for something to lock moisture in to their hair and skin with this dry spell!

Whichever it is for you, either way, we’re already half way through this year already, can you believe that! It’s officially less than 6 months till the next peak season, Christmas! So, this week we wanted to discuss how you can evaluate your last 6 months of business and how you can use this evaluation to plan wisely for the upcoming half of the year!

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04 Jul 2018

When should you post on your social media?

Did you know that there are over 3.196 billion people active on social media! That’s 42% of the world population! Obviously, your main focus would be those in your local area, but social media has all of the tools to ensure that you are approaching your target audience. It is important to make sure that you are posting on a number of different social media platforms, however the time you post could massively impact how well your tweet does and how many people it reaches. There are thousands of articles out there that go into when the best posting times are, but don’t worry you’re going to go to go searching through them all, I’ll do that part for you!

There are two factors that can influence the best time to post; the day and the time. From doing some research I found that in the UK the best days to post are on Monday and Thursday, with Sunday being the worst in terms of engagement. The best times to post are between 8-9am, probably because this is when most people are travelling to work and 5pm when a lot of people will be leaving work, surprisingly, 2am is also one of the best times to post 🤷‍️.

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27 Jun 2018

Top 5 Beauty Buys

I can’t believe we’ve gone through June already! For the end of this month’s blogs, I’m going to invite you to try 5 beauty products I’m obsessed with! I will briefly explain each product and describe exactly why I love it so much. Whilst we’re just entering summer 2018 there couldn’t be a better time to prepare for healthy, glowing skin. I’ve loved experimenting with different types of makeup and skin products so this week’s blog is right up my street! Everyone loves having tanned glowing skin and sitting in the sun, just make sure you stay protected!

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20 Jun 2018

Feature of The Month: SMS and Appointment Reminders

For June’s feature of the month, I’m going to explain how quick and easy it is to contact clients through text messaging! 

Whether you own a tanning, hair or beauty salon, text messaging can be used by any business of any size and to your advantage. This feature is undoubtedly the most commonly used and effective method of marketing for salons, it is extremely important for a growing business to know how to use SMS and encourage clients to return back through the doors of a business.

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12 Jun 2018

Salon Tracker's Top Tips to Achieving Successful Father's Day and Summer Marketing Campaigns!

Less than 1 week to go until Father’s Day, and just a few days left until the first official day of Summer! This year is going fast, right? So, as we step in to Summer, we thought we’d offer you our best ideas to put you in the right direction for a successful season.

There are lots of events and areas that you can use to market your salon over the Summer period. Obviously, as just mentioned the next main one we’ve got coming up is Father’s Day. But then not long after we also have School and College Proms, University Graduations and Weddings to cater for, all of which are typically planned for during the Summer months.

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06 Jun 2018

Why a Competitor Analysis of Local Competition is Essential

If there’s only your salon in your local area then you’re rather lucky, but I’m guessing for most of you there’s a few other salons nearby? You may not always think of doing competitor research for any nearby salon, however it is something that you could really find beneficial to your business. By competitor research I don’t mean walking past all of the salons nearby and trying not to stare too hard but getting a close enough look to pick up some details. Well I mean, you could do that as a starting point, but there’s a lot of better ways that you can gather your research…

Who are they?
The first port-of-call would be to find out exactly who your competition is. The easiest way to do this would be to just do a search on google for salons in your local area. Once you’ve got a list of all of your competitors, you can begin collating information about them, and really start defining who will be your direct competition and who is sort of your secondary competition.

Social Media
Nowadays most salons will use social media, especially Facebook, and this is the perfect place to find out all of the latest news about any of your competitors. This could be their latest deals, any new services, reviews, photos, events, pretty much anything you need to know can be found on there. You could draw inspiration from their posts or their services, they might offer something you’ve never heard of so it might be a good idea to start offering it if its something that you could provide. Perhaps you see that they’re doing a deal on something that you also offer, you should try to match it or even beat it to try get more customers in. The main con of social media is that this also means that if you use social media for your salon, then I would guess that your competitors are also looking at your page, so if you decide to promote an offer on your social media pages then there’s a good chance that they will see it and want to offer something similar, if not better.

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30 May 2018

Do you use social media to it's full potential?

The average hair and beauty salon loses between 10 and 25% of it’s clients each year. To put that into perspective, after 3 years, that’s half of your client base gone…

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23 May 2018

Create the Perfect Email!

Now I know it may seem that emails are becoming a thing of the past, but they are still one of the most used and most effective marketing tools. There are plenty of great providers out there that you can use to really maximise the benefits of using email marketing. One that I recommend you using would be Mailchimp, for starters its free, but it offers a range of different templates and designs that you can customise to your needs.

The method of A/B testing is one that’s used widely across many businesses, and at first it can be quite tricky to get your head around, but online tools make it very simple and easy to do. So, I know some of you will be thinking “I’ve got no idea what you’re on about”, so let me think of the best way that I can give you a full detailed description of what A/B testing is, but I’ll try keep it to only a few sentences…
A/B testing is designed to allow you to send two emails to only a percentage of your customers, from this you will be able to determine which email has the better open rate or click rate. After a certain amount of time Mailchimp will then send the email that performed better to the remaining percentage of your customers. And then overtime you will be able to complete a number of different A/B tests to find the perfect design, template and subject that your customers will want to open. So essentially, you’re creating an email that your customers will want to open, which is great if you have any offers on that you want to get out to your customers. It can be quite a lengthy process, but if it gets more people into your salon, then it’s worth it! Well, I hope that’s sort of made a clearer picture in your head as to what A/B testing actually is.

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16 May 2018

It's Sunbed Awareness Week; so here are Salon Tracker's 'Tanning Rules'

It’s that time of the month again, where we run through one of our most relevant and favourite features with you. And with the recent amazing weather, we have had lots of feedback from our fellow tanning-salon clients that their footfall has been through the roof! So, with this summer-spurt hopefully continuing and as we enter the holiday season, we just wanted to discuss how to ensure that your clients tan as safely as possible when using your beds. And with the sunbed association running a 'sunbed awareness' campaign this week, we thought that this was the perfect time to 
share our feature for this month: Tanning Rules.

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09 May 2018

5 fault-proof tips on how to provide a 5* star Salon service

It’s common knowledge that your sales are bound to go up and down, but great service is forever. Which is why we’ve written a helpful blog full of tips and tricks on how to provide the most memorable, 5* service!

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01 May 2018

Spruce up your Salon this Spring!

It’s May! The month with double Bank Holidays and plenty of Spring weather (we hope!). We’re officially in the Spring/Summer season, so your salon footfall is naturally going to increase with everyone rushing to get their pre-holiday treatments booked. And if any of these are new clients, your salon atmosphere and appearance are the first identities and long-lasting impressions that a client has of your business. This being said, throughout Summer, we therefore think it’s really important that your salon reflects the season that we’re in, just like at Christmas you would always put up your best festive decorations. It should be the exact same with Summer, as this is equally one of your busiest times.

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26 Apr 2018

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day!

I would like to think that you all already appreciate your hairstylists, but on National Hairstylist day you should make sure you go that extra mile. The official day isn’t until the 30th April, so hopefully this will give you a few days to make sure that you are fully prepared for anything special you might do to show your appreciation. Here are just a few ideas that we’ve put together for both your hairstylists and your customers:

If you already have our Salon Tracker software then this would work perfectly for you! Get your customers into your salon on National Hairstylist Appreciation Day by promoting an offer. An example of text that you might a send out would be “We’re celebrating National Hairstylist Appreciation Day, visit the salon on April 30th for 15% off!”, just a little incentive to get your customers in. Even if you don’t have our software, you can still push some sort of offer, Social Media is a great place to promote any offers, or even just putting something up in your salon window.

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18 Apr 2018

Your 4-week count-down guide for a fully compatible GDPR Salon

We are just over 4 weeks away from the grand release of the GDPR, that’s only 28 days to make sure you are more than ready for it, and don’t end up being charged 4% of your annual turnover. To put that into perspective, if your salon makes £80k a year, you’d be charged £3200 just for making one silly error. That’s not something you want, so here’s how you can avoid it:

Data must be processed in a way which guarantees suitable security of client’s personal data. This comprises protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and covers accidental loss, destruction or damage by having applicable technical structures in place and suitable organisational measures. Salon Tracker hides all client data, it needs to be unlocked to gain access and every time it is unlocked it is tracked in the data base.

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11 Apr 2018

Feature of the Month; Help Videos!

I'm sure you all know the struggle when you just can’t figure out how to do something, or the feeling of not wanting to do something wrong. Well, recently on Salon Tracker we have added a new feature; help videos! We’ve created over 50 help videos that you can watch (as long as you have an internet connection) ranging from just simply adding a customer to setting up your customer discount groups.

To find the help videos, just go to the help section and then click on the help videos tab. They are split into the different left menu options, and within each tab you can watch the related videos. To watch a video, just click on the title and it will automatically play. The videos are simple and easy to follow, and have a step by step guide on how a certain task can be completed. However, if you are struggling or something isn’t working quite right, don’t hesitate to contact our support team on 0113 350 8232 and we will be happy to help you out!

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04 Apr 2018

Marketing your Salon this Spring

Hello, and welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely Easter and managed to have some fun even though Winter decided to hang around, we know some of you even experienced a bit of snow on Bank Holiday! But hopefully that’s the last of it now and we can finally start to get in to Spring-mode. So, speaking of Spring, it’s time we did some marketing and discussed some top-tips on the upcoming events that you can use to ensure you have a successful season.

Online Visibility – Let’s get social! Do you have an active company website and social media page? In this day and age, everything is technological and so if your business isn’t active online, this can be detrimental to your sales. Facebook has vastly become a popular ‘check-point’ for people to identify a business. Where in the past this may have been through your Google listing, or just through word of mouth, nowadays people go to social media pages to look at your businesses recent activity, to determine whether they’d like to purchase/buy a treatment from you. It’s crucial that you regularly update your social networks, to ensure that clients can see that you are current and that you constantly communicate with your followers, as this can help to prove a good business reputation.

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28 Mar 2018

Sunday chills spent in the most satisfying way

I know spending your Sunday doing anything other than laying in bed with Netflix on and munchies at the ready might sound a little daunting, but its time to get out of that winter hibernation mode and roll into the summer of success! Sunday’s can be spent doing all kinds of things, but we’ve got a few ideas lined up to help give you that little boost of motivation when you need it most. 

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21 Mar 2018

Easter Marketing Tips!

Easter is coming relatively early this year, falling on the 1st of April, so you need to get planning ASAP! For this week’s blog we thought we would share with you our best Easter marketing ideas for you and your salon.

The obvious Easter marketing tip to give would be to run an Easter promotion. Giving your customers some sort of special Easter offer will encourage customers, both new and current, to visit your salon. The main benefits for doing a campaign is to increase the number of people visiting your salon, which will also hopefully bring many new customers that will return in the future. Another big benefit of offering some sort of deal to your customers during and Easter is that you will be able to up-sell your full price retail products, as people will be more inclined to spend money if they have saved on their service(s). Here’s an example for an Easter promotion that you could do:

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16 Mar 2018

Are you ready for the GDPR? We are!

With less than 2 months to go until the big change we thought we’d give you a run through on what we, here at Salon Tracker have done in order to be fully GDPR compliant. Meaning you can put your trust in our Software and put your mind at ease. 

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14 Mar 2018

Feature of the Month; with a twist!

It’s time for our monthly blog, that we know you all love, on what we value to be the “feature of the month”. However, this month, there’s a little twist…

Our software developers have been working extremely hard these past few months, as they have taken on-board the voice and opinion of our loyal clients and pursued their thoughts into some new and pretty impressive features. So instead of one feature of the month, we’ve decided on our five features of the month… because it was just so hard to choose!

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05 Mar 2018

Safe-Tanning: How Salon Tracker can help you to maintain maximum client safety

Hello there and happy month of Spring (hopefully). Now, as we enter the fresh daffodil season, it is likely that you will see an increase in footfall in your tanning salons due to the fact that people are wanting their glowing base-tan prior to their spring-break. Still, many of you will know that there remains to be lots of contrasting opinions surrounding the use of sunbeds and their potential dangers to people if they over use them. So as a salon software company that specialises in tanning, we just wanted to discuss with you how we have designed and built our software to ensure that sunbed clients are tanning as safely and legally as possible. So, without further due let’s chat sunbed safety.

First off, a few things about Vitamin D.
Your body creates Vitamin D by using sunlight or UV rays. Therefore, it is essential that over a lifetime, every single person is exposed to some form of sunlight, with the current recommendation being 5 minutes 2-3 times per week on average for a person to sustain the amount that they require to produce enough Vitamin D all year long. In some countries however, and especially in the UK & Ireland, we are prone to much longer Winter months, meaning that this 15 minutes per week average can prove to be difficult, as the sun is not strong enough to produce the UV rays needed for our skin to absorb enough to make Vitamin D. This was therefore the start of sunbeds and also the vitamin capsules that you will find in many supermarket or pharmacy stores. 

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28 Feb 2018

The Do's and Don'ts of a successful Salon Consultation

Whether you own a tanning, hair or a beauty salon, providing consultations for your clients is essential for their safety and overall satisfaction. Often it is during a consultation that you truly get to know your clients’ needs and good communication from your site will put them at ease before a treatment. So why are many salons skipping the consultation even though this could be fatal for your business?

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21 Feb 2018

Thinking about pushing your line of retail products? Here’s how to do it the right way!

I know you’ll want to bury your head in the sand when it comes to talking retail products… let alone actually doing something about them! Not to worry, we’ve got a long enough list of tips and tricks to help you get your salon retail sales flowing and the dust on those shelves no longer showing! 

The right Reception

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14 Feb 2018

Feature of the Month - Permissions

Happy Valentines day everyone! For our feature of the month we are focusing on permissions, a feature beloved by our clients, mainly down to the fact that it is as simple as ticking a box. I don’t know if this applies to all of you, but not all salon owners would be 100% comfortable with leaving their salon for a ‘relaxing’ vacation knowing that their staff have full access to their system. So, by having the permissions feature it just gives owners that peace of mind that staff aren’t accessing anything they shouldn’t be.

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07 Feb 2018

Professional Beauty London 2018 - New Features and how you can prepare for the event!

Less than 3 weeks to go until the big event! It’s time for #PBLondon again, we can’t wait and as always, we’ve got a few new features in store for you this Feb! So, what can you expect from us and also how can you ensure that you get the best out of this year’s show.

Professional Beauty London is always the biggest of the PB shows in the UK, with the event being held at the Excel the floor space is so much larger than other venues, meaning that there is a lot more room for increased exhibitors to attend. Saying this, you only have the exact same time at PB London that you would have at any other event, as the show only runs across 2 days like it does at all other locations - so you have to plan accordingly to ensure you get around all the stands that you want to see.

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31 Jan 2018

How can you stand out this Valentine’s Day

Many want to treat their loved ones on Valentine’s Day to something special. Whilst chocolates and flowers are still a popular choice, more and more people are looking for something special and a little bit different. Therefore, salons and spas can take a significant role in the decision making process if you play your cards right. Valentine’s Day also means that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and with two gift-heavy holidays, there are plenty of opportunities to boost retail sales as well as appointments. If you are still reluctant whether your business should participate in the hype and need convincing, let me tell you what a commercial opportunity 14th February is. 

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24 Jan 2018

How to save a penny or two without noticing a difference!

If you’re just starting out, going through a dry patch, or just generally wanting to save money in your salon, then keep reading! Here are just a few ideas that we came up with that you can use to save some money in your salon.

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18 Jan 2018

Do you know the Health & Safety requirements for your salon?

You might not think that being in the salon business is a risky one, but there are numerous rules and requirements that you must follow or your business could suffer. I’m hoping that you already know and follow these health and safety requirements, however I would still suggest that you read through them just to make sure!

Understand your requirements
As you have a ‘duty of care’ to your employees and clients, both you and your employees must be aware of the health and safety requirements in your salon.

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17 Jan 2018

Utilising Facebook within your Salon Business

Facebook was founded in February 2004, so almost 14 years ago. From my personal experience, I remember starting to use the platform properly around 2008-2009, as at the time that Facebook launched, there were other competitive social media sites that were still extremely popular, like Myspace and Bebo to name a few. However, for today’s younger generation, they probably won’t even remember a time without it, and as the social world carries on advancing, Facebook is one of the essential social networks that every business needs to have an up-to-date profile on. Simply because, it could be almost detrimental to your company if not. Facebook is the new google. It is one of the first ports of call when people are checking companies out now, and especially in the salon industry. If your business is no where to be seen, it’s almost as if you’re not legitimate or don’t have that online presence for people to be able to identify your current reputation with the public.

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10 Jan 2018

Your go-to guide on how to establish your new Salon in the best way

We know that opening a new Salon can be challenging at the best of times, in fact so challenging that it is a proven fact that roughly 1 in 3 small business fail within the first 2 years of opening. Which is exactly why we have come up with our very own Salon Bible for all you newbies out there. Something you can rely on to guide you through to an exciting, successful Salon!

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03 Jan 2018

How to create the right New Year's Resolutions

The New Year is all about resolutions and setting goals for the year ahead. While most people start with the obvious ones (eat healthy, exercise more, save money), by the time January comes to an end many realise that other priorities have crept up on them. This results in resolutions are discarded and put in the back of their minds. Setting goals and a strategy for your salon business is essential for growth and motivation. It is important to visualise your goals and decide what direction you really want to go. However, this can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Trying to achieve too much at once can backfire and therefore it is important to identify what you are hoping to achieve throughout the year. Setting resolutions for your business is a great idea, but it's all about the right resolutions so that you won't fall into the trap of trying to achieve things that are sheer impossible.

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02 Jan 2018

A New one just begun!

Hello, and Happy New Year! Welcome back, we hope you all had a fantastic festive holiday and spent quality time with family and friends.

But now let’s get back to business, ready to take 2018 with both hands and get off to a successful start! We can’t wait to get started with helping you guys to improve your salon management and boost those business sales, let’s do this!

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